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Cisco Cloud ACI

Cisco Cloud Application Centric Infrastructure (Cisco Cloud ACI) is a comprehensive solution for automated network connectivity, consistent policy management, and simplified operations for multicloud environments. The solution captures business and user intents and translates them into native policy constructs for applications deployed across various cloud environments.

What Cloud ACI offers

Automation of interconnect

Automate the interconnect of multiple on-premises and cloud data centers. Automated and secure multicloud connectivity through unified management.

Universal policy model

Enable consistent security posture, governance, and compliance through a common policy abstraction.

Centralized Management

Single pane of glass for management, visibility, monitoring, and troubleshooting across multicloud environments.

Cloud ACI licensing components

Contact your sales representative to purchase these three components on top of your Cisco ACI Essentials (single on-premises data center), Advantage and Premier licensing (multiple on-premises data centers).

Cloud APIC

Manage multiple cloud regions and Cisco Cloud Services Routers (CSR) 1000V from a single instance of Cisco Cloud APIC, and enable consistent policy, security, and operations through secure interconnect for multicloud environment.

Multisite Orchestrator

Responsible for provisioning, health monitoring, and managing the full lifecycle of Cisco ACI networking policies and stretched tenant policies across Cisco ACI sites around the world, both on-premises and in the cloud. It is the single source of truth for policies.

Cisco Cloud Service Router (CSR) 1000V

Cloud ACI uses the Cisco Cloud Services Router (CSR) 1000V as the cloud router for connectivity between on-premises and Cloud environments.

Cloud ACI multicloud

With Cloud ACI, customers can translate ACI policies to cloud native constructs through public cloud APIs to create a single, consistent policy across multiple on-premises and public cloud instances. Once implemented, ACI Anywhere will help policy-driven connectivity between on-premises data centers and public clouds, simplify routing between on-premises data centers and public clouds, and ensure consistency of network security policies, ultimately helping with compliance demands.

Cloud ACI on AWS

Cisco Cloud ACI captures business and user intents and translates them into native policy constructs for applications deployed across both on-premises and AWS environments.

Cisco Cloud ACI on Microsoft Azure

The Cisco Cloud ACI solution automates management of end-to-end connectivity and enforcement of consistent network security policies for applications running in on-premises data centers and multiple Azure Cloud regions.


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