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Cisco Software-Defined Access

A more secure and agile network for your modern enterprise

Your IT operations can be more efficient, your network more secure, and your user experience more consistent across wired, wireless, and VPN infrastructure with our advanced solution for automating user policy and network access. Cisco SD-Access, a solution within Cisco DNA, defines a uniform policy-based network fabric that meets business needs with security, automation, and assurance.

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Features and benefits

SD-Access augments the Cisco DNA Center capabilities of automation and assurance. It also provides a software-defined approach for network segmentation, critical for establishing a zero-trust network. With the SD-Access fabric, you can:

Enhance visibility

Use AI- and ML-based advanced analytics for endpoint identification and grouping. Analyze traffic flows between groups, and define effective access policies.

Segment to secure

Apply group-based access policies for effective multilevel segmentation, leading to zero-trust security.

Verify trust

Continuously scrutinize endpoint behavior and isolate rogue or compromised endpoints to reduce threat proliferation.

Extend policies

Utilize Cisco intent-based networking (IBN) multidomain architecture for consistent access and security-policy enforcement throughout the enterprise.

Enjoy flexibility with Cisco DNA software subscriptions

Choose from three subscription tiers: Cisco DNA Essentials, Cisco DNA Advantage, and Cisco DNA Premier. Our flexible software suites are designed to address your automation and segmentation requirements with rich security.

New Cisco DNA Center software release

Now optimized for remote access, a cleaner dashboard with single-click workflows facilitates remote management by offsite IT teams. Identify endpoints and visualize traffic flows to improve application experience for all of your remote workers.

Group-based policy simplifies network segmentation

Visualize, define, enforce: See how SD-Access makes securing your workplace a simple three-step process.​

Drive results with a more secure, resilient network

Deploy faster with a strategic plan, migration strategy, and roadmap. Drive operational excellence with services to help improve security and visibility.

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