Cisco Cloud Use Cases

Any way you use your clouds, Cisco cloud solutions can help you make them work smarter.

Latest innovations and news

While the cloud evolves, Cisco continues to innovate, enabling all your clouds to work smarter.

Cisco SD-WAN Cloud OnRamp

Automate global network connectivity with SD-WAN and AWS Cloud WAN.

Cisco Nexus Dashboard

Extend your visibility into the cloud with Splunk and ServiceNow apps on Cisco Nexus Dashboard.

Cisco+ Hybrid Cloud

Optimize workloads across a hybrid cloud for superior performance and great value, with flexible consumption for your on-premises infrastructure.

Cloud-neutral automation

Automate management of your apps and workloads wherever they are with Cisco Intersight Workload Optimizer.

A better way to put your clouds to work

Cisco empowers you to quickly and securely connect clouds and users, to deliver better application experiences, and to optimize cloud operations.

Enablers that power the cloud experience

Get the capabilities you need to make all of your clouds work smarter.


Adapt to the new cloud-powered workforce and workplace.


Be prepared, as the nature of work changes.

  • Secure support for remote workers anywhere
  • Consistent experiences even while remote
  • Physical security and cybersecurity for the new workplace


Cisco solutions ensure consistency wherever employees work.


Provide a better application experience with full-stack observability from the application through the infrastructure.


Cisco delivers the right functions for the best application experience.

  • Application-resource management
  • Proactive, predictive operations
  • Application-migration assurance
  • Application observability across the entire infrastructure


Make your application experience more powerful with Cisco solutions.


Securely connect users to the cloud, cloud-based applications, and workloads.


Cisco provides the capabilities to protect your IT environment.

  • Secure cloud, applications, and workload
  • End-to-end zero-trust security
  • Application-first security

Multicloud connectivity

Easily and securely connect your applications and workloads in one or more public or private clouds.


Cisco helps you more easily connect all of your clouds.

  • Connect multiple clouds: public, private, SaaS, and colocation
  • Secure access to cloud applications and data
  • Easily connect users to the clouds they need

Demonstrations and tours

See how it works.

Cloud operations

Accelerate and optimize your cloud operations.


Cisco helps you more effectively manage your cloud operations.

  • Consistency and automation for modern applications
  • Flexible edge/hybrid hosting
  • Cloud-neutral operating model
  • Infrastructure as code


Cisco solutions give you the visibility and tools essential for cloud operations.

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