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Cisco Secure Workload

Reduce your attack surface with zero trust microsegmentation

Stop threats from spreading and protect the applications that power your business with zero trust microsegmentation, on any workload, across any environment.

Safeguard application workloads, wherever they live

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Microsegmentation and workload protection

Do you know what your applications are doing? Take control of your applications and drive security resilience with Secure Workload to protect the data your business relies on.

Enforce zero trust consistently, accurately

Designed for scale and speed, Secure Workload makes zero trust achievable by consistently and accurately enforcing microsegmentation across your entire application landscape—any workload, any location.

Industry-leading visibility and automation

Your single source of truth, providing comprehensive visibility into every workload interaction, powering best-practice policy recommendations and automation tailored to your environment and applications.

Stronger security from day one

Don't compromise. Strengthen your security posture, reduce risk, and decrease costs associated with application downtime at every step in your zero-trust journey.

Security at the speed of applications

Rapidly respond to application changes. Near real-time alerts, automated policies, and forensics with an auditable record help you quickly close security gaps and improve your posture.

Decide which option is right for you

Cisco Secure Workload

Software as a service (SaaS)

Reduce your attack surface with zero-trust microsegmentation. Experience all the benefits of Secure Workload without having to deploy and maintain the platform.

  • Suitable for any size customer
  • Fully managed by Cisco
  • Flexible pricing model; low barrier to entry
  • Quickly spin up and realize value faster
  • High performance, high availability
  • Enables secure migration to cloud and multicloud environments
  • Supports European data residency requirements

Cisco Secure Workload


Reduce your attack surface with zero-trust microsegmentation. Choose a hardware-based appliance model, in either a small or large form factor. 

  • Suitable for any business type and size 
  • High performance, high availability
  • On-premises control of apps and data
  • Enables secure migration to cloud and multicloud environments  

Key product documents

Secure Workload protection data sheet

See how to protect application workloads across any cloud and on-premises data center environments.

Secure Workload and Secure Firewall white paper

Secure Workload and Secure Firewall deliver powerful outcomes through native integration.

Secure Workload 3.9 increases efficiency and efficacy

Secure Workload 3.9 delivers new integrations for greater flexibility, efficacy, and risk mitigation.