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Security platform software

Cisco SecureX

A simplified security experience

SecureX is a cloud-native, built-in platform that connects our Cisco Secure portfolio and your infrastructure. It allows you to radically reduce dwell time and human-powered tasks.

The broadest, most integrated platform

Achieve simplicity, visibility, and efficiency by removing bottlenecks that slow down your teams' access to answers and actions. SecureX includes XDR capabilities and beyond with every Cisco Secure product.

See SecureX capabilities in action

Instantly see what's most important across all your control points. In one view you can check on metrics, emerging threats, and products to try. Explore the opportunities with our built-in automated workflows. Experience simplicity in action.

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Secure product integrations

Check out SecureX integrations today. Unlock every Cisco Secure product's full potential and speed the time to value of your investment.

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SecureX At-a-Glance

Use SecureX to turn security from a blocker to an enabler. Our guide summarizes the core benefits, features, and capabilities.

Read At-a-Glance

What is SecureX orchestration?

Orchestration is a feature of SecureX that automates security tasks through a no/low-code interface to save critical working hours for SecOps, NetOps, and ITOps teams.

Explore SecureX orchestration
Unlock the power of SecureX

Unlock more value with SecureX

The more Cisco Secure solutions you own, the more value SecureX brings to your organization. Check out the top combinations of solutions our customers implement.

Cisco Secure Endpoint

Stop threats before they compromise with powerful detection and response capabilities.

Learn more about Secure Endpoint

Cisco Secure Network Analytics

Enable behavioral detection with visibility across the network and cloud.

Learn more about Secure Network Analytics

Cisco Umbrella

Get cloud security that delivers unmatched visibility and threat protection.

Learn more about Umbrella

Test-drive SecureX

Experience SecureX. Pick the Cisco Secure solution that's best for your business and start a free trial.

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