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Cisco Secure Endpoint dashboard

Cisco Secure Endpoint (AMP for Endpoints)

Threats Stopped, Endpoints Secured

Our cloud-native solution delivers robust protection, detection, and response to threats—reducing remediation times by as much as 85 percent.

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Secure Endpoint demo

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See how Secure Endpoint can help solve your operational challenges and improve your security by providing EDR and XDR capabilities to detect and respond to threats.


Key features Essentials Advantage Premier
Powered by Cisco Talos, we block more threats than any other security provider. See a threat once and block it everywhere. Automate threat responses with one-click isolation of an infected host. Includes all the capabilities of Essentials, plus the ability to simplify security investigations with advanced EDR and easy access to our advanced malware analysis and threat intelligence portal. With SecureX threat hunting, elite security experts from Cisco proactively search for threats in your environment and provide high-fidelity alerts with remediation recommendations.
Next-gen antivirus protection
Continuous behavorial monitoring
Dynamic file analysis
Endpoint isolation
Orbital advanced search
Secure Malware Analytics (Threat Grid) Cloud
Threat hunting

Frequently bought together

Cisco Secure products integrate well and are frequently bought together for a stronger defense.

SecureX platform comes built in

Organizations of any size can save time and money with our a simplified platform approach to threat detection and response across their extended environment

Get integrated XDR capabilities

Cisco Umbrella and Secure Endpoint

The combination provides automated, always-on security that works everywhere your users go.

Better together

Cisco Duo and Secure Endpoint

Duo verifies the identity of all users before granting access to corporate applications.

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Stop threats before compromise, reduce incident response times, and boost operations effectiveness.

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