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Updated:October 18, 2022

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Updated:October 18, 2022

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In these unprecedented times when many more of your workers are remote, and as malware becomes more evasive, improved ways of protecting endpoints become a priority. It’s clear that protecting your workers and defending against breaches requires modern defenses - technology plus human intelligence - to radically improve your security posture.

Cisco® Secure Endpoint is a single-agent solution that provides comprehensive protection, detection, response, and user access coverage to defend against threats to your endpoints. The SecureX platform is built into Secure Endpoint, as well as Extended Detection and Response (XDR) capabilities. With the introduction of Cisco Secure MDR for Endpoint, we have combined Secure Endpoint’s superior capabilities with security operations to create a comprehensive endpoint security solution that dramatically decreases the mean time to detect and respond to threats while offering the highest level of always-on endpoint protection.

Benefits of a complete solution

Replace your legacy antivirus completely. Cisco Secure Endpoint offers cloud-delivered endpoint protection and advanced endpoint detection and response across multidomain control points. We stop threats and block malware and then rapidly detect, contain, and remediate advanced threats that evade front-line defenses.

      Prevent: Identify and stop threats before compromise. Reduce the attack surface with multifaceted prevention techniques, risk-based vulnerability management, and posture assessments.

      Detect: Hunt for hidden threats, detect stealthy malware, perform advanced investigations with global threat intelligence from Talos, and run complex queries to gain unprecedented visibility into your endpoints.

      Respond: Reduce incident detection and response times with built-in Extended Detection and Response (XDR) with Cisco SecureX. XDR collects and correlates data across email, endpoints, servers, cloud workloads, and networks, enabling visibility and context into advanced threats.

      Maximize: Simplify your cybersecurity and improve your security operations’ effectiveness by letting Cisco security experts do the heavy lifting with Secure MDR for Endpoint, which offers dedicated teams of elite Cisco security experts in global Security Operations Centers (SOCs) as well as 24x7x365 protection.

Endpoint protection platform

Cisco Secure Endpoint brings together EPP, EDR, XDR, and managed service capabilities to offer a comprehensive solution that stops threats in a unified defense.

      Endpoint Protection Platform (EPP) delivers next-generation endpoint security that stops today’s complex attacks.

      Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) offers advanced capabilities to detect and investigate security incidents to remediate endpoints quickly. We deliver an always-on solution that can be completely managed, giving you the flexibility to implement through Cisco, with a partner, or on your own.

      Extended Detection and Response (XDR) helps connect intelligent detections to confident responses to protect your endpoints better, faster, and with less effort.

      Focus on the most important incidents with risk-based vulnerability management from Kenna Security that integrates with the Cisco SecureX platform to rapidly predict, identify, prioritize, and remediate threats.

      Secure MDR for Endpoint, with its dedicated global Security Operations Centers (SOCs), combines always-on protection from expert Cisco security researchers, investigators, and analysts with powerful analytics and automation.

Secure Endpoint leverages multiple protection engines fueled by Cisco Talos® threat intelligence to block threats before compromise. Moreover, you can simplify your security stack, reduce agent fatigue, and achieve XDR, SASE, and zero-trust outcomes with Cisco Secure Client, which consolidates endpoint, cloud, and remote access agents into a unified, single-agent view. Additionally, experience better visibility and automation across an expanded set of security telemetry beyond your endpoints with the built-in SecureX integration.

SecureX provides the most comprehensive strategy for detection, investigation, orchestration, and remediation by unifying visibility, simplifying threat response, and enabling automation across every threat vector and access point. Cisco Secure Endpoint also enables organizations to reduce the attack surface so that they can focus on the most important incidents with risk-based vulnerability management from Kenna Security that also integrates with the Cisco SecureX platform to rapidly predict, identify, prioritize, and remediate threats.

For organizations that want to add an active, managed threat-hunting practice to their environment, Cisco Secure Endpoint now offers SecureX Threat Hunting. Organizations can choose to do endpoint detection and response themselves or with a partner, or have Cisco Secure MDR for Endpoint help accelerate threat detection and response. All options are powered by a team of Cisco security experts to drastically reduce detection and response times while fortifying security posture with always-on security operations.

See more

Simplify security investigations with advanced EDR and a broad context on endpoint, web, email, and network data with XDR.

Block more

Stop threats before compromise and reduce the attack surface with multifaceted prevention techniques, posture assessments, and risk-based vulnerability management.

Respond faster, completely

Reduce incident response time by as much as 97% with advanced EDR and built-in XDR capabilities from the Cisco SecureX platform. Do it yourself, with a partner, or completely managed by Cisco, with flexible licensing options that are customized to your needs.


Secure Endpoint

Secure Endpoint Essentials

Secure Endpoint Advantage

Secure Endpoint Premier

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Next-Gen Antivirus Protection

Continuous Behavioral Monitoring

Dynamic File Analysis

Vulnerability Identification

Endpoint Isolation

Orbital Advanced Search


Secure Malware Analytics


SecureX Threat Hunting







Support for Secure Endpoint Private Cloud



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