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You've invested in wireless. What's next?

Cisco DNA Spaces takes it one step further. Wireless connectivity plus location insights can mean better outcomes for your business. 

See what's next in networking

On October 24, 2019, get futurists' insights on industry-shaping trends, technology transformation, and the impact of artificial intelligence on the workforce.

Features and benefits

Cisco DNA Spaces provides wireless customers with rich location-based services, including location analytics, business insights, customer engagement toolkits, asset management, Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) management, and location data APIs. To date, we are live at more than 35,000 locations across 2 billion square feet.


Location products and apps accessible from a single intuitive dashboard


Proven robust fifth-generation cloud engine delivering cleansed location data


Compatibility and interoperability across all Cisco architecture


24x7 monitoring and service-level agreements (SLAs) for end-to-end reliability

With Cisco DNA Spaces, you can...

See what's happening at your properties

Wi-Fi adoption

Track the effectiveness of guest wireless infrastructure by measuring Wi-Fi analytics and adoption.

Business insights

Get industry-specific metrics about the behavior of people on your premises.

Right-now metrics

Gain real-time views of visitor behavior at your properties.


Use group or historical views to benchmark a property's performance.

Use digitization toolkits for action

Captive portal

Seamlessly onboard visitors at your properties, and deliver zero-click targeted engagements


Trigger contextual engagements across SMS, email, and other channels, based on visitor behaviors.

Operational insights

Identify and monitor assets, detect anomalies, optimize operations and response times, and integrate with enterprise systems.

Detect and locate

Search and display locations of devices based on MAC or IP-address locations.

Extend platform capabilities and drive business outcomes

Enterprise integrations

Integrate location data into enterprise systems to create a holistic view.

App ecosystem

Access a partner app ecosystem to deliver industry-specific business use cases.

Cisco DNA Spaces licensing and subscription tiers

Cisco DNA software subscriptions power analytics and assurance across your network. Cisco DNA Spaces is included in two subscription tiers: Cisco DNA Advantage and Cisco DNA Premier.

Compatible products

All existing and new Cisco wireless deployments support Cisco DNA Spaces. Whether with Cisco Aironet, Catalyst, or Meraki, we can help you get to the cloud as seamlessly as possible.

Aironet access points

Go beyond 802.11ac. Get the highest-performing access points with Cisco innovations.

Catalyst wireless controllers

Get your network digital-ready with our intelligent controllers. They can help scale a small, midsize, or large enterprise network.


Our fully cloud-managed Meraki access points mean faster deployment, simplified administration, and richer visibility.

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