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Cisco DNA for Switching - Subscription

A new era of secure, intelligent switching

Our simple, flexible software subscription suites give you innovative switching solutions. Manage the demands of new security threats, the evolving Internet of Things (IoT), and mobility integration. Software subscriptions simplify the purchase and use of our Cisco Digital Network Architecture (Cisco DNA) capabilities.

Features and benefits

How can you keep pace with your enterprise network's expanding demands as technologies and requirements change? Cisco DNA subscriptions can help your IT staff stay in control of those needs, now and in the future. You can purchase all Cisco DNA software subscriptions through a Cisco Enterprise Agreement or individually and manage them simply with a Cisco Smart Account.

Automate with confidence

Provide access to users, devices, and applications, without compromising security.

See the invisible

Detect threats hidden in encrypted network traffic, and respond quickly with security embedded in the access network.

Make your network smarter

Quickly troubleshoot and convert data into business and IT insights.

Segment with ease

Keep users, devices, and application traffic separate without redesigning your network.

Compare Cisco DNA licensing

Let Cisco manage updates and threats, helping to keep your network secured. Get simplified drag-and-drop centralized management with flexible 3-, 5-, or 7-year subscription terms. All switching subscriptions include Cisco Software Support Service (SWSS).

Cisco DNA Essentials

Cisco DNA Advantage

Cisco DNA Premier

Expand all

Key features

Get networking essentials, including base automation, monitoring, and easy management.​Get all Cisco DNA Essentials features plus Cisco SD-Access, Encrypted Traffic Analytics, and Cisco DNA Assurance.Get all Cisco DNA Advantage features plus enable all Cisco DNA use cases with Cisco Identity Services Engine and Stealthwatch.
Centralized management
Automation and provisioning
Secure connectivity
Analytics and assurance 
Policy and security  

Simplify your software licensing with a Cisco Enterprise Agreement

Cisco DNA software licenses for switching in the Advantage and Premier tiers are eligible for a Cisco Enterprise Agreement. Make your software licensing easy to buy, easy to use, and easy to manage, with exclusive EA-only benefits.

Cisco Services help you realize your vision

Call on the Cisco Customer Experience team to help you get full business value from your IT dollars. We'll give you proactive, prescriptive service options for both software and solutions from Cisco or partners.