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Updated:September 23, 2022

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Updated:September 23, 2022


The bridge between the data available in your physical space and the insights that data provides.

Product overview

Cisco Spaces is an integral part of Cisco’s comprehensive portfolio of products, services, and solutions that securely connect and enable retailers to revolutionize customer shopping experiences.

Cisco Spaces leverages existing wireless and switching infrastructure to harness the behavioral data of people and things for insights that help retailers improve better decision making, enhance customer engagement, and encourage innovation.

With our rich ecosystem of partner apps and devices, you can delight customers by providing them convenient access to the things they are looking for, through indoor wayfinding and contextual in-store experiences.



Enable a safe environment with indoor location services that provide meaningful, real-time data about who is in your workplace and where they go.


IoT services for smart buildings let your switches and access points act as a unifying layer between different wired and wireless IoT solutions, giving you more options and greater flexibility


Offer seamless wireless access with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) device onboarding that simplifies connections and opens new opportunities for engagement and revenue.

Retail use cases


      Get directions to a specific, room, area, zone, or destination without the hassle of getting lost

      Help users navigate between locations within large buildings

Personalized experiences

      Trigger notifications contextually based on presence at any of your buildings

      Enable dynamic engagements powered by a rules engine based on persona and location behavior

      Deliver differentiated experiences with app notifications and captive portals

Seamless onboarding

      Seamlessly and securely onboard customers and employees to Wi-Fi

      Improve indoor coverage and monetize the Wi-Fi

Space occupancy

      Monitor occupancy in real time, configure density triggers, and receive notifications when a density threshold is met

      Right-size your real estate portfolio by understanding space utilization

Footfall analytics

      Visualize footfall and presence information from Cisco® Meraki® Vision cameras

      See how many people have entered a location, analyze trends, and compare with historical averages

Operational efficiency

      Locate and track shopping carts, trolleys, and other high-value assets

      Enable environmental monitoring

Be ready for scale with an open platform

Most location-based solutions in the market today require proprietary, vendor-specific hardware and software. This limits the variety of use cases they can serve and creates management complexity.

By contrast, Cisco Spaces is an open platform that sits at the nexus of a broad ecosystem of device and software partners, channel partners and industry associations.

Our ability to unify management in a multivendor, multi-technology environment using the existing wireless and switching infrastructure is the reason our platform can address more use cases, scale more easily, and deliver better business outcomes for our customers.

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To learn more about Cisco Spaces and how it can help to digitize your physical space, read the Cisco Spaces solution overview and visit




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