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Cisco Data Center Network Insights

Cisco Network Insights is now Nexus Insights with same great features. Monitor and analyze your fabric in real time to identify anomalies, and to provide root-cause analysis and capacity planning using Cisco Network Insights for Resources and Network Insights Advisor.

By collecting and processing telemetry data and correlating your solution deployment with Cisco knowledge, you gain excellent visibility and awareness to things affecting your deployment.

What Cisco Data Center Network Insights can do for you

Automate troubleshooting

Shorten the time to remediation for troubleshooting and root cause with visibility to granular details.

Proactive monitoring

Empower your team for proactive fabric health monitoring and anomaly detection.

Resource utilization

Increase speed and agility for capacity planning.

Introducing Nexus Dashboard:

A single platform for full-lifecycle data center automation.


Network Insights for Resources (NIR)

Get analysis and correlation of software and hardware telemetry data with focus on Day 2 network operations use cases. Network Insights for Resources also identifies anomalies and provides drill-down to specific issues.

Network Insights Advisor (NIA)

Get deployment-relevant supportability information and advisories, focusing on actionable recommendations based on known issues and Cisco best common practices.

Cisco Data Center Network Insights

Thomas Schiebe, VP of Product Management, Data Center Business Unit, gives an overview on Cisco data center network insights.

Software licensing

Software licensing for Cisco Network Insights

ACI Premier for Data Center Networking subscription license now includes Cisco Day 2 Operations Suite with NIR and NIA.

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Use Cisco services to accelerate Network Insights adoption with ACI

We help determine IT readiness, simplify operations, and reduce risk through expert guidance and centralized support.

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