The next generation of location accuracy is here

Our Virtual BLE Beacon solution delivers high-accuracy location using Cisco Beacon Point hardware and CMX Cloud Beacon Center management. Generate multiple virtual beacons from a single Beacon Point. It’s as easy as dropping a pin on a map. Get true blue-dot experience for navigation plus proximity marketing, all at your fingertips.

Virtual BLE Beacon gives you...


Ease of use

Generate multiple virtual beacons from a single Beacon Point without the hassle of batteries.


Location-based advertising

Push proximity marketing and other relevant information to your customers’ mobile devices. 


Cloud-based management

Get better management and drag-and-drop virtual beacon placement from the cloud.


Integration with mobile apps

Eliminate costly onsite surveys with location calibration using advanced machine learning.

How you can use it


Provide product details and specials based on location. (1:55 min)


Push curated exhibit content to mobile devices. (2:25 min)


Show patients the fastest way to their next appointment. (2:20 min)

What’s inside the Virtual BLE Beacon Solution


Cisco Beacon Point hardware

Each Beacon Point can generate multiple virtual Bluetooth low-energy (BLE) beacons using Power over Ethernet (PoE) and beamforming. Manage it like any other enterprise-grade IT device. Beacon Point is available as a standalone device or as a plug-in module for the Aironet 3800.


Cisco CMX Cloud Beacon Center

Beacon Center makes managing virtual BLE beacons drag-and-drop simple. It’s delivered through the CMX Cloud portal and available by subscription.


Beacon Point SDK

Using our solution software developer kit, you can build mobile apps to deliver push notifications, provide turn-by-turn navigation, and capture BLE analytics.

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Beacon Point module

Beacon Point module

Get virtual-beacon functions over your existing wireless network. Simply plug the Beacon Point module in to your Cisco Aironet 3800 Series Access Point to gain the same features you get with the standalone Beacon Point. 

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High-accuracy location webinar

High-accuracy location webinar

Learn how your business can engage with customers in exciting new ways.


Deliver amazing new experiences

See how vBLE helps mobile computing platforms become location ready.

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Get the scoop from Gartner

Get the scoop from Gartner

In 4 years, 30 percent of enterprises will use location services. Will you be among them?


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