Nexus Dashboard Global View

Cisco Nexus Dashboard

Build your data center network operations

Configure, operate, and analyze all from one place across data center and cloud.

One platform makes it easy

Simplest way to manage Cisco Nexus networks

Gain visibility that frees you to do what you need, where and when you need to do it.

Cisco Nexus Dashboard cloud management software

Configure with ease

Automate the provisioning of your data center and cloud network infrastructure, with full lifecycle management and infrastructure as code (IaC).

Configure data center infrastructure management software with ease

Minimize risk and downtime

Know in a glance that your applications are running at their best.

Rest easy with Nexus Dashboard cloud management software

Greater data center sustainability

Achieve more energy-efficient data centers, forecast energy consumption, emissions, and costs. 

Rest easy with Nexus Dashboard cloud management software
Cisco Nexus Dashboard data center management software demo

Cisco Nexus Dashboard demo

Take a peek at the easy-to-use, one-view interface for cloud and data center networks.

Unlock more value with solution integrations


Cisco AppDynamics

Gain network visibility into application performance.

Cisco SD-WAN vManage

Optimize your data center branch and data center cloud WAN.

Cisco ThousandEyes

Cut through the haze with enhanced visibility.

Easy-to-use platform services

Cisco Nexus Dashboard Insights

Monitor, analyze, and troubleshoot your data center fabric in real time.

Cisco Nexus Dashboard Orchestrator

Gain consistent network and policy orchestration across multiple data centers.

Cisco Nexus Dashboard Data Broker

Use a simple, scalable monitoring solution for high-volume, business-critical traffic.

Cisco Nexus Dashboard Fabric Controller

Enable automated network connectivity, control, monitoring, and integration for deployments spanning LAN and SAN fabrics, and IP Fabric for Media (IPFM).

Access on cloud marketplaces

Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Optimize applications and workloads running on AWS. See Nexus Dashboard buying options on AWS Marketplace.

Microsoft Azure

Connect with Microsoft Azure to optimize your application resources. See buying options for Nexus Dashboard on Azure Marketplace.

Included with every Cisco Nexus 9000-tiered license

Cisco Nexus Dashboard


The license for a single data center network. You can upgrade to multiple data centers and add insights with optional Day-2 Operations add-on.


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Cisco Nexus Dashboard


This license includes everything from Essentials, plus orchestration for multiple data centers and cloud networks. Upgrade with an optional Day-2 Operations add-on to get network insights.

Choose the best data center networking service

Cisco Nexus Dashboard

Day-2 Ops add-on

Add network insights and orchestration capabilities to your Advantage or Essentials license.



Choose the best data center networking service


Cisco Nexus Dashboard


The ideal option for multiple data centers and/or cloud networks. Includes all Advantage features, plus those in the Day-2 Operations Suite. No add-ons needed.

Choose the best data center networking service

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