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Cisco Data Center Network Manager

Comprehensive management for the data center

Empower IT to move at the increasing speed required of your business. Get complete automation, extensive visibility, and consistent operations for your data center.

Data Center Network Manager (DCNM) is the network management platform for all NX-OS-enabled deployments, spanning new fabric architectures, IP Fabric for Media, and storage networking deployments for the Cisco Nexus-powered data center.

Why choose Cisco DCNM for your data center?


Accelerate provisioning from days to minutes, and simplify deployments.


Reduce troubleshooting cycles with graphical operational visibility for topology, network fabric, and infrastructure.


Eliminate configuration errors with templated deployment models and configuration compliance alerting with automatic remediation.

Features and capabilities

Automation and management

  • Dashboard for single point of management
  • Fabric Builder for automated fabric deployment
  • Configuration compliance with automatic remediation
  • Complete device lifecycle management

Visibility and monitoring

  • Real-time health summary for fabric, devices, and topology
  • Correlated visibility for fabric (underlay, overlay, endpoints), including compute visualization
  • Triggered alarms for proactive notifications

Storage networking management

  • Single point of management for MDS 9000 fabrics
  • Graphical control for all SAN administration functions
  • SAN insights telemetry
  • Slow-drain analysis

IP Fabric for Media

  • Control IP digital media, from Nexus switches to studio equipment
  • Flow policy management
  • Support for third-party studio equipment integration
  • Workflow provisioning for IP media

Evolve your data center with DCNM

Accelerate deployment with Fabric Builder

Deploying an open-standards-based VXLAN EVPN fabric has never been easier. In minutes, ignite the underlay and overlay of your fabric with preconfigured best practice policies, leveraging automatic bootstrap.

Drive consistency with Configuration Compliance

Help ensure consistent configuration that corresponds to best practices. Receive alerts on drift from intended configuration, and proactively autoremediate as needed.

Reduce unplanned downtime with deep operational visibility

Use DCNM's intuitive, visual troubleshooting tools to quickly identify and remediate problems. Avoid costly downtime events in your data center. DCNM provides real-time and historical visibility into fabric overlay and underlay, and virtual and physical infrastructures.

Bring SAN telemetry to life

The SAN Insights feature brings streaming data out of Cisco MDS storage platforms. Get unprecedented insight into and analysis of storage operations, including flow, health data, and exchange completion time (ECT) analysis.

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Analyst perspectives

Miercom performance tests endorse Cisco Data Center Network Manager (DCNM 11); outperforms industry.