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Cisco Provider Connectivity Assurance

Gain end-to-end visibility and insights like never before.

Create exceptional digital experiences built on deep network observability and critical network monitoring.

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Service assurance that's proactive and precise—a win-win

30 %

Drive additional sales revenue

See more revenue from portal fees and capacity purchases when you give customers deeper visibility and transparency with Cisco Provider Connectivity Assurance.

Boost efficiency and revenue with Cisco Provider Connectivity Assurance (formerly Accedian Skylight), delivering service assurance that continuously monitors and optimizes digital experiences.

Simplified operations and troubleshooting

Gain a single view of granular performance metrics and third-party data to accelerate MTTR.

Continuous optimization of digital experiences

Find transient issues with precise synthetic network and service testing.

Differentiated services, next-level innovation

Premium, SLA-backed services and end-customer portals are just a click away.

Predictive analytics powered by AI

Be proactive, not reactive. Put the power of your multivendor infrastructure to work for a trouble-free network.

See what sets Cisco Provider Connectivity Assurance apart

Granular, real-time visibility

Perform end-to-end and full mesh testing with microsecond precision and make hidden microbursts a thing of the past.

Reliability meets flexibility

Enjoy 99.997% uptime and take full control over network performance for greater reliability.

Optimize your infrastructure

Automatically correlate sensor metrics with third-party sources of performance data to improve ROI and create better digital experiences.

Deliver exceptional services

Ready-made customer portals differentiate services, boost revenue, and enhance satisfaction.

Assuring high-performance critical networks

See how Cisco Provider Connectivity Assurance enables efficient troubleshooting and SLA assurance—all while lowering operational costs.

Cisco Provider Connectivity Assurance use cases

Solve the challenges of fragmented multidomain tools and poor visibility on service quality. Discover how Provider Connectivity Assurance can help you simplify operations.

Real-time SLA visibility

Monitor and police SLAs for accountability, while proactively addressing performance issues.​

Critical network monitoring

Improve operational efficiency with proactive assurance and microsecond visibility for faster issue resolution and better experiences.

B2B service differentiation

Create new revenue opportunities to upsell and differentiate your services with multitenant end-customer portals for real-time service-level agreement (SLA) visibility and alerting. ​

Automated assurance

Detect issues early when you automate assurance for the entire service lifecycle with real-time service visibility and predictive analytics.​

Multilayer assurance

Get a single view of performance across multiple network layers, like segment routing and routed optical networking, to reduce tools and drive down MTTR.​

Mobile backhaul and edge monitoring

Optimize digital experiences with real-time service visibility, while assuring your end-to-end 5G transport.​

Get high-precision service assurance with Cisco Provider Connectivity Assurance

Predictive analytics

AI-enabled predictive analytics

Get an ML-assisted view of your entire network and gain powerful performance insights.

Assurance Sensors

Assurance sensors

Network-wide service performance visibility. Deployable anywhere, at scale.

Better together

Cisco Crosswork Network Automation

Drive network efficiency and enhance experiences.

Cisco Optics

Plug innovation into your network.

Boost efficiency and service quality

Cisco Provider Connectivity Assurance helps you improve service quality, lower costs, and deliver outstanding user experiences with a single view of service performance across the entire network