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Maintain a Trusted Work Environment with Cisco DNA Spaces At-a-Glance

Networking Solution At-a-Glance

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Updated:August 22, 2020

Available Languages

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    View with Adobe Reader on a variety of devices
Updated:August 22, 2020



As locations around the world prepare to reopen, organizations are rethinking ways to create a safe and trusted workplace for employees. By leveraging existing Wi-Fi infrastructure, organizations can use Cisco DNA Spaces to provide rich insights that assist in improving the safety and health of employees, customers, and patients. Cisco DNA Spaces has a variety of built-in applications (apps) that can support this, and we will continually evolve our solution to assist our customers as they adapt to changing environments. This document describes some ways you can use Cisco DNA Spaces to support your business operations and safely reopen your buildings.


     Deliver insights and engagements over Wi-Fi to help organizations cultivate an environment conducive to safe practices

     Enable IT and security staff to monitor building density

     Communicate critical information and respond effectively to an incident or emergency

     Analyze patterns in visit duration and frequency to understand how employees are spending their time across multiple offices

     Allow customers to engage with your business when close physical contact is not allowed

     Enable continuity of essential healthcare operations through tracking of critical assets, environment monitoring, and bedside nurse call capabilities

Monitor employee and customer density

Many communities around the world are leveraging technology to improve safety practices and maintain a trusted workplace. As part of that, you’ll want to make sure that people are not occupying buildings or floor spaces past a safe capacity.

Through the Right Now app, you can set density thresholds to monitor the number of people in your buildings, and gauge whether a safe number of people are occupying your spaces. Density thresholds are intuitive to configure as density rules, based on either density per area or device count.

You can also specify which building, floor, or zone you would like the rules to apply to. In the event that the number of occupants reaches or exceeds the density threshold, a safety notification can be triggered through an API over a flexibly defined channel. For the work campus, for example, you can dynamically trigger these notifications to cleaning staff, facilities managers, and other relevant personas in the office, café, gym, or other designated buildings.

Cisco DNA Spaces

In this example, the Right Now app displays the number of visitors present at your locations.

Create Density Rule

You can set density rules based on density or device count. Designate which building, floor, or zones to apply the density rules to.

Respond to reported incidents with Proximity Reporting

The Proximity Reporting app will allow you to rapidly respond when an individual reports testing positive for the virus. When someone self-reports, a proximity report can be generated that shows where they have gone by floor, zone, or building. You will also see which other devices were in the same space at the same time. The report displays a summary of the impacted spaces, interactions with other devices, and dwell time. You can assess the extent of impact based on proximity to others and dwell time.

A useful outcome of this report would be the ability to focus cleaning efforts on the impacted buildings or floors, which can help save time, resources, and costs. Proximity Reporting is built into Cisco DNA Spaces. It can be leveraged through your existing network and does not require any additional installation of a mobile application or hardware.

Enterprises using Proximity Reporting have complete control over the privacy levels they want to exercise. In the most privacy-sensitive model, the report will not include a username or any personal identifying information.

To preserve privacy, the report will auto-delete after one month. You can also limit access to the report data to authorized personnel.

Proximity Report

The Proximity Reporting app will display a summary of the buildings and floors the individual visited and the interactions the individual had, based on device proximity.

Drive business decision-making with actionable analytics

Organizations will want to measure the impact of COVID-19 on their business. Cisco DNA Spaces can help you analyze trends to understand how your business is impacted and facilitate decision-making as you think about reopening.

The Impact Analysis app allows you to more effectively measure the impact of events and changes on various locations. In workplaces where employees are returning to the office, facilities managers can assess whether employees are staying in the office for longer or shorter durations, or visiting more or less frequently. They can break this up by city, region, or country to make effective comparisons across multiple locations during a specified time period.

Back To Bustiness

The Impact Analysis app displays the impact on hours spent and frequency of visits over a specified time period, as the return-to-office guidelines are set in place.

Deliver contextual information

As physical locations reopen, organizations are also reimagining in-person interactions to keep guests and customers safe. Organizations can deliver valuable experiences to customers without requiring close physical interaction – from the moment they enter the location until they leave.

You can use the Captive Portal app to onboard guests and provide business-critical information such as hours of operation, service changes, and other communications.

The Engagements app allows you to deliver multichannel engagements through either SMS, chat systems, or other channels. Engagements can also serve as flexible API triggers that generate notifications if certain set conditions are met.

You can use the Location Personas app to classify visitors based on location behavior, so that you can disseminate critical information to the right people at the right time.

Engagements app

The Engagements app can be used to send text message notifications contextually based on presence at any of your locations. Customize these engagements by building personas on the Location Personas app.

Support critical healthcare operations (Cisco + STANLEY Healthcare)

Healthcare providers are experiencing an unprecedented surge in patient volumes and activities during this pandemic, with a decreasing number of healthcare staff. Patient and staff safety and hygiene are top priorities.

Cisco DNA Spaces and STANLEY Healthcare have partnered to help healthcare providers by delivering crucial capabilities. For example, with critical asset tracking, hospital staff can monitor the location and usage of respirators and other critical equipment in real time. In addition, they can monitor the location of staff and patients to help maintain optimal staff placement and distancing.

They can also deploy bedside nurse call buttons for urgent patient assistance. Hospital staff can even effectively monitor hand-washing and enforce hygiene compliance, or monitor temperature compliance for drug storage. These capabilities can help hospitals safely and efficiently respond to this virus.

Call to action

These apps are readily available to use on Cisco DNA Spaces. Any organization that is running Cisco® or Meraki® access points can activate Cisco DNA Spaces within 30 minutes. If you are ready to try out the apps and activate Cisco DNA Spaces, click here.

For more information on how the available Cisco DNA Spaces apps can support business continuity planning, view the solution overview here.

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