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Cisco Webex Hybrid Call Service

Create a Better User Experience

Integrate your on-premises assets with Cisco Webex Teams in the cloud. (PDF - 632 KB)

Extend Call Control to the Cloud

With Cisco Webex Hybrid Call Service, you can integrate call control so tightly with Webex Teams (formerly Cisco Spark), everyone will think it’s a single service.

If you're like many organizations, you want the full capabilities of Cisco Webex Teams, including messaging, meeting, and calling, but already have a Cisco phone system. You may also be using Cisco Jabber for your mobile calling and collaboration, and don’t want or aren’t ready to move your call capabilities to the cloud.

With Cisco Webex Hybrid Call Service, you can keep using your existing call control, and get all the additional benefits of the Cisco Webex service. Our Hybrid Call Service combines the Cisco Webex Teams message and meeting capabilities in our Collaboration cloud with the following Cisco call control systems:

  • Cisco Unified Communications Manager
  • Cisco Business Edition 6000
  • Cisco Business Edition 7000
  • Cisco Hosted Collaboration Solution (Check to see if your Cisco Hosted Collaboration Solution provider offers Cisco Webex Hybrid Services)

Benefits of Cisco Webex Hybrid Call Service

Make Mobile Calls on the Company Plan

When making mobile audio and video calls using the Cisco Webex Team app, the app uses Hybrid Call Service to become a softphone client of your call control. Webex Teams users can make and receive calls to anyone through their extensions using the company dial plan, just as if they were at their desks.

Reach People More Easily

With Hybrid Call Service, you can use your office phone number across all your devices, even when making and receiving calls from the Cisco Webex Teams app. When called, your desk phone, Jabber, and Cisco Webex Teams will ring. Answering the call on any one of them stops the ringing on the other devices.

Video Device Calling

Connect your Cisco Webex Teams registered video devices with your Unified Communications Manager. Assign an extension and E.164 number from your enterprise dial plan to your Cisco Webex Teams video devices (including Cisco Webex Room Series and Cisco Webex Board). Make and receive calls to and from other Unified Communications Manager registered devices and external PSTN numbers using the assigned number.

Keep Communications History in One Place

It often helps to know the last time you spoke to someone so you can make reference to it in your call. When you call another Cisco Webex Teams user with the Hybrid Call Service, the call event is added to the one-to-one Cisco Webex Teams room you are sharing with that person. So the room not only includes your chat and shared documents, but also has your call history.

How It Works

Hybrid Call Service can be deployed on its own or together with any of the other Cisco Webex Hybrid Services. To initiate these services, a software application or connector must be deployed and run on your premises (or in the Cisco Hosted Collaboration Solution partner cloud). The Hybrid Call Service connector requires Cisco Expressway.

There are no incremental subscriptions or fees for deploying this or any of the Cisco Webex Hybrid Services. The Hybrid Service Connectors and Cisco Expressway are downloadable free of charge. They are part of Cisco Unified Communications licensing schemes and the Cisco Spark service.

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