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Hybrid Work. Made Real.

Join us June 8 & 9 as we unveil industry-first innovations and a blueprint for creating inclusive hybrid work experiences. 

Collaboration at Cisco Live 2021

Missed Cisco Live? Watch event recap videos and learn how the Webex platform will transform customer experience and employee productivity.

Past events

WebexOne – December 2020

WebexOne brought together customers, technology partners and thought leaders to learn about the Webex of the future.

Missed WebexOne?

Explore how Webex is powering inclusive experiences and the innovations that work together seamlessly, whether you’re in the office, at home, or somewhere in between.

Future of Work: Intelligent Workplace – October 2020

Learn how data is driving the evolution of workplace, and how Cisco Webex can help you create an intelligent workplace for your safe return to office.

Future of Work: Intelligent Workplace

Explore the evolution of the workplace and how Cisco Webex can help you create a safe work environment upon return to the office keeping workers safe and productive.

Future of Education: Hybrid Classrooms – September 2020

Explore the rapidly changing world of education. Learn from experts and customers on how to create a secure hybrid learning experience and the future of education.

Where is the future of education heading?

We are moving from physical learning, to distance learning, and now transforming into a hybrid learning environment. Listen how technology is helping us shape the future of education.

Customer story: Georgia State University

Hear how GSU leveraged technology to provide continuity in education while creating inclusive learning opportunities, envision helping education scale to address new business models and the future of education.

Customer story: Curtin University

Curtin University shows how they have transformed education experiences with collaboration solutions and where they see the future of education heading.

Customer story: Oak Meadow School

Find out how Oak Meadow School is planning on using Cisco Webex Rooms devices to provide hybrid learning experiences to its students.

Create a secure hybrid experience

Learn how to provide secure hybrid learning experience to students with Cisco Webex, from anywhere. Cisco Webex will unveil and demo new features and capabilities for educators to support hybrid and distance learning.