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Collaboration Product News and Innovations

Stay up to date on the latest Webex collaboration and contact center product updates.

Transform hybrid work

Safe return to the office, secure remote collaboration

Webex facilitates remote collaboration that's simple, reliable, highly secure, and it gives everyone a voice.

Introducing the Webex Suite

See how the Webex Suite provides the most seamless, engaging, intelligent and inclusive collaboration.

Smarter way to work: safe, productive, seamless

Smart virtual assistants

A global study measures the benefits that intelligent virtual assistants deliver in a hybrid work environment.

Calling: simplifies interactions

This is the first cloud-calling solution that extends across all experiences and deployment models for seamless collaboration.

Webex Meetings: tailored to you

Focus on what's important to you. Custom meeting layouts let you zoom in or out, or select images for your own stage view.

All-new Webex Contact Center

Built for the future of customer experience, Webex facilitates connected digital journeys to delight customers.

Recent news

Audience engagement

Meetings come alive with Slido.  Easy-to-use Q&A and polling turn silent listeners into engaged participants.

Inclusive collaboration for everyone

Webex enables 10x better than in-person interactions, now with real-time translation for 100+ languages.

Real-time insights for real-time business needs

Id adoption trends, visualize usage and zero in on issues so IT can proactively plan for growth and the future of work.

Calling: everyday imperatives to new opportunities

Webex embeds calling in everyday workflows to transform work.

Delivering the future of customer experience

Cisco completes the acquisition of IMImobile.  Bringing together a comprehensive connected customer journey solution.

Teamwork reimagined

Webex integrations facilitate virtual collaboration solutions to help expand and scale teams.

Insights and innovation

The future of work is now

Explore industry insights and transformational stories around future of work.

Eliminate distractions

Background noise removal and voice enhancement enables more effective calls and meetings wherever you work.

Turning talk into action

Facilitate a smarter way to work by automating tasks with real-time translation, transcription, and capturing actions and highlights.

Exceptional customer experiences

Advanced cloud solutions improve customer experiences for contact centers of all sizes and deployments options.

Recent products

Webex Desk Camera

Get up to 4K ultra-HD video, incredible low-light performance, and remote IT management.

Webex Desk Pro

Webex Desk Pro is one of the most powerful, all-in-one collaboration devices designed for the desk.

Webex Experience Management

This AI-powered next-generation solution takes customer experience to new heights.

Cisco headsets

These professional headsets extend the secure and reliable collaboration experience for today's work styles.