Control Hub

Manage, analyze, and secure your Webex services

Control Hub offers a holistic view of all your Webex services. Manage your services and users, provision devices, view detailed analytics and reporting, and configure security and compliance policies. All of this can help keep data safe and meet regulatory needs.

Collaboration admin & control evolution

Control Hub delivers IT with a centralized, single-pane-of glass capable of supporting all phases of the Service Lifecycle, from Configuration through Optimization.

Organization health tool in Control Hub

Intuitive and easy-to-understand actions to set up your organization, identify deployment experience challenges, and measure adoption and performance.


Provision, control, and analyze all of your Webex services. You can configure and enforce security policies to secure devices and prevent accidental misuse of data.

Flexible policy definition

Easily configure service settings for administrators and users with role templates and granular policy controls.

User and device management

Activate devices quickly, manage users, and synchronize with Microsoft Active Directory and integrated single sign-on.

Collaboration security

Set up data loss prevention policies such as file-share controls for your Webex collaboration tools.

The essential tool for the future of work

Use 'workspaces' to provide richer insight into your meeting spaces, ensuring the best collaboration experiences at work and at home. Find data on devices in use, occupancy count, ambient noise and more.

Collaboration analytics and reporting

The Control Hub provides a dashboard with rich insights into usage, diagnostics, and performance information.

Actionable insight into user adoption

Understand how users are joining meetings, how long meetings last, and who is using video. This helps you to measure your return on investment and drive your business transformation.

Drill down on the root cause of user experience issues

Identify issues such as voice quality and page- load performance so you can troubleshoot them before they have an impact.

Understand your IT resource utilization

Get rich metrics on your collaboration infrastructure, such as number of video calls overflowing to the cloud, percentage of meeting clusters in service, and call distribution.

Webex Edge for devices allows for hybrid deployment

Customers can make use of their on-premises devices while enjoying cloud device innovations.


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