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Cisco Huddle Space Solutions

Get more from your small meeting spaces. A full collaboration device portfolio, priced within reach of every budget—starting at less than $500.

Back to the office, safely

To make the most out of the dramatic shift in the workplace environment, designs should be flexible and enable teams to collaborate safely and productively. Huddle spaces are one of the hallmarks of flexible office spaces, and with the right collaboration tools, employees can easily connect with their team, wherever they are.


98% of employees believe at least one participant will join meetings from home after offices reopen. 


76% of employees believe there will be an increased use of video meetings when going back to the office.


65% of employees believe there will be an increase in flexibility in terms of hours, location, etc. 

With Cisco for your huddle space you get...

A workspace people want to use

Bring the intelligence of your larger rooms into the huddle space. One powerful, simple experience from the pocket to the boardroom.

Ease of setup and management

Scale to 10 or 10,000 spaces with one simple setup and management across all device types.

More productivity per square foot

The industry’s only devices that count the number of people in the room to provide actionable insights into space usage.

Cisco Webex huddle space devices

Cisco Webex Share

Easily share an app or your whole screen on an HD display without dongles or wires using Webex Share.

Cisco Webex Room Phone

High-quality audio, share, and meeting experience using the power of the Webex platform with a simple familiar interface.

Cisco Webex Room USB

The Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) model allows for high-quality video collaboration with a 120-degree field of view camera and wireless sharing.

Cisco Webex Room Kit Mini

Meet on video with a 120-degree field of view, wireless sharing, and all the intelligence of larger spaces using Webex Room Kit Mini.

Cisco Webex Board 55S

Create on an all-in-one digital whiteboard with wireless sharing and video meeting capabilities using Webex Board 55S.

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