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Cloud for Webex

Cloud for Webex is secure, available, and reliable, with a global presence and local compliance.

Features and benefits

We offer a global point of presence with industry-leading security, and comprehensive compliance and privacy to protect your data and users.

Global presence and performance

Our industry-trusted global cloud is built for superior quality, reliability, security, and compliance.

Security, privacy, and compliance

Our industry-leading security, compliance, and privacy capabilities  protect data and users, no matter where they are.

Data residency

Webex provides customers with specific data locality and local compliance needs to keep their data stored locally.

Management and insights

Get a centralized view to manage Webex services, configure security and compliance policies, with access to real-time insights.

Built-in security and compliance

Strong encryption

Communications through Webex applications, Webex Room devices, and the cloud occur over encrypted channels.

Fast, highly secure search

When users search, matches are retrieved and sent to the user's device before they are decrypted.

User identity and access

Only authenticated users can view messages and files in Webex spaces.

Device and browser protection

Customize security controls, including idle timeout, device PIN enforcement, and remote wipe of Webex content.

Flexible retention, archiving

Store content indefinitely, until a user deletes it, or per your policy.


Administrators can search and extract any content, including such data as time stamps, space IDs, and participant IDs.

Deliver modern experiences for users and IT

  • A modern unified experience: call, message, meet
  • Integrate experiences and relationship intelligence
  • Modular, personalized, configurable workstyle support
  • Cloud, on-premises, and hybrid deployment support