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Webex Room Navigator

This intuitive, touch panel offers instant connections to video conferences, room controls, content sharing, and room booking.

Simplicity, inside and out

The Webex Room Navigator comes in two versions: a table-stand unit or a wall-mounted unit. Easily control Webex devices and amenities inside the room, and experience intuitive room booking.


Conference control

Connect to a Webex Rooms device and effortlessly control calls, layouts, content sharing, camera options, and much more.

Meeting room booking

Save time by adding an intelligent room booking solution to your Webex Room.

Stay in control

Adjust lighting, room dividers, blinds, and room peripherals from a single-panel digital room panel.

Sensors collect smart data

Analysis from intelligent sensors monitors comfort and helps improve workplace satisfaction.

Workplace automation

Optimize real estate and eliminate mundane tasks by combining sensors, AI, a hybrid calendar, and a room-booking solution.

Use digital signage

Keep employees in tune by enabling conference-room digital signage in Webex Control Hub.

Connect to Webex

Effortlessly move between your virtual and physical worlds with a powerful collaboration platform.

Start using Webex for free

Get started with Webex and meet face-to-face with anyone in the world, instantly.

Manage important details in one place

Activate, analyze, and administer Webex Rooms quickly and easily in Webex Control Hub.

Get inspired with project workplace

Peek inside some customers' offices for tips on incorporating Cisco technology into your office.

Unleash the power of RoomOS

RoomOS is the powerful cloud-based operating system for Webex Devices.