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Cisco Webex Hybrid Calendar Service

Create a Better User Experience

Connect your assets with Cisco Webex Cloud and enhance your user experience.

Integrate Microsoft Exchange, Office 365, and Google Calendar with Cisco Webex Teams

Simplify the process of scheduling and joining meetings with Cisco Webex Hybrid Calendar Service.

Today over 37 percent of workers’ time is spent in meetings. They are looking for a meeting solution that integrates seamlessly with their workflows and allows them to simply schedule and join meetings from any device, especially mobile. Unfortunately, built-in mobile calendar applications do not allow plug-ins, and when sending meeting invitations from a mobile app, there is no easy way to send information on how to join a Cisco Webex meeting.

At the same time, using Mail Web Access is difficult and forces people to manually copy and paste the join information into the meeting invitation. This problem is so significant that many people don’t even try. They wait until they get to the office, or use their laptops to schedule meetings.

Schedule and join meetings from any device

Cisco Webex Hybrid Calendar Service overcomes these issues. It makes it easy for you to schedule and join meetings from any device, no matter where you are. Cisco Webex Hybrid Calendar supports Microsoft Exchange, Office 365, and Google Calendar.

For Cisco Webex Teams users, adding @meet or @Webex:space to a meeting invitation’s location field will automatically create a Cisco Webex Teams workspace for invitees. It also adds the meeting join information to the body of the invitation.  A team can begin conversations and share documents and ideas before the meeting even starts.

If no workspace is needed, users can simply add @Webex to the location field of a meeting invitation, and the remaining work of adding the join information will be taken care of automatically.

These capabilities provide users with simple and fast scheduling and joining experiences with no plug-ins needed.

How Cisco Webex Hybrid Calendar Service works

Hybrid Calendar Service can be deployed on its own or together with other Cisco Webex scheduling tools. There are no incremental subscriptions or fees for deploying this or any of the Cisco Webex Hybrid Services.

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