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Collaboration for Human Resources

HR and the changing nature of work

Attract and retain top talent, increase knowledge sharing across a diverse workforce, and improve employee engagement. HR teams are competing to find new talent and retain and grow the existing workforce. The right collaboration tools can help hire, engage, train, and manage a diverse workforce.


Engaged employees are 22% more productive and 21% more profitable

Source: Gallup, 2013

65% of recruiters claim that talent shortage represents the biggest challenge in hiring

Source: Jobvite, 2017

Hiring costs range from 16% to 213% of annual salaries for low-paying to executive positions

Source: Center for American Progress, 2012

How HR can benefit

Interview over video

Use video interviews to reduce hiring cycle times and expand your candidate pool by eliminating geographic restrictions.

Use Webex to manage nontraditional employees

Bring together geographically dispersed teams and use online meetings to do regular check-ins. Streamline onboarding by securely sharing files and chatting, all in one place.

Drive employee satisfaction

Lead a more connected and supportive team. Flexible working helps with work-life balance.

Support employee development

Use video for onboarding and ongoing development. Record and publish training, and identify learning paths based on roles and goals.

With Webex you can…

Scale to everyone

Spread HR information faster and add more value across the business.

Be a top talent magnet

Crack the code to identifying and onboarding the best people.

Turn employees into teams

Foster a real team culture and better connections.