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Cisco Collaboration and Google Cloud

Cisco Collaboration and Google Cloud Integrations

Cisco Collaboration and Google Cloud offer integrated solutions that improve user productivity and customer experiences.



Use the intelligence built in to our solutions to deliver faster, more efficient experiences for modern workers.


Optimize solution delivery in the cloud with Cisco Webex and Google Cloud. These open cloud platforms integrate for end user and IT advantages.


Cisco and Google are enabling people and teams to connect anywhere, anytime by integrating apps and information to streamline the workflow.

Customer-first solutions

New features are designed to value for customers, ease friction for users and IT teams, and free up time to achieve business outcomes.

Google Calendar users love Webex Meetings

More than 1.5M people are using the new Webex for Google Calendar app.  See why people are calling this a “best in class collaboration experience.”

Key capabilities

Webex for Google Calendar

Enjoy an integrated scheduling experience for Webex meetings without having to open up a separate tool or browser. Eliminate desktop installation and upgrade management for administrators.

Integrate Google Calendar with devices

Extend the reach of the Webex and Google Calendar integration to your meeting rooms. On Webex devices, view upcoming meetings and make joining meetings as easy as pushing a single button.

View your calendar in Webex

Streamline workflows. View your upcoming Google Calendar meetings right in Webex and simplify how you schedule new meetings.

Build Webex capabilities in your Android apps

Embed voice and video communications, messaging, and more within your Android apps with the Webex Teams SDK.

Strengthen customer interactions

Cisco Answers, a cloud-based AI solution powered by Google Contact Center AI, empowers agents with the context and information needed to deliver personalized and proactive care, while interacting with a customer.