Cisco corporate policies and Cisco IT services help employees make cost-effective use of mobile smartphones and digital tablets for business communications.

This case study describes how Cisco IT provides network services for employees who want to use mobile devices for business calls, email and messaging, and access to the corporate intranet. Previously, mobile phones were a productivity tool, paid by Cisco for specific employees. But this model has been challenged by new devices, new capabilities, and a need to cut costs while enabling any Cisco employee to connect securely to the corporate network from his or her mobile device. Cisco IT now provides a wide range of mobility services for mobile voice and data communications and allows employees to use multiple devices for access. Cisco and its employees are realizing several benefits from the new mobility services, including:

  • Reduced costs by 30 percent while serving 42,000 mobile devices
  • Established service delivery model that easily scales to meet growth in users and devices
  • Reduced corporate-paid accounts while allowing access from employees' personal devices
  • Created online wiki for user self-support

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