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Cisco on Cisco

Helping transform the business through technology. Sharing Cisco IT’s experience.

Featured Media

Beyond the Network with Cisco IT – Podcast

Discover the innovation, thought leadership, and everyday life of those in Cisco’s enterprise IT organization.

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Cisco HyperFlex in Dynamic Infrastructure for Testing Labs

Cisco IT uses Cisco HyperFlex HX-Series systems to automate configuration of lab infrastructure, which speeds support-case resolution by allowing us to recreate a complex customer environment in less than one hour.

When the big bad wolf eyes the brick house: Advanced Malware Protection in our data centers

We strengthened Linux and Window server security with Cisco Advanced Malware Protection (AMP). Now we can see how malware that snuck through our defenses got onto a device--and where it spread.

Lessons from a Successful Corporate App Store

In 2012, Cisco IT created an online store to offer employees a single, easy way to request IT services and obtain authorized applications.

Cisco Deploys UCCE Virtualized Voice Browser

Cisco IT adoption of the new VVB solution helps to drive down the hardware investment for Cisco IT, while enabling new and advanced capabilities for Unified Contact Center Experience.

Meet the IT Experts

Find out the latest news on what's happening in Cisco IT. Read More

Cisco Customer Experience (CX) Portal: One Stop for Information and Services

In late 2019, Cisco’s Customer Experience (CX) team invited us, Cisco IT, to be “Customer Zero” for the Cisco CX Portal. This newly developed portal, built on collaborative intelligence, brings together all information and services about a product into one view, a single pane of glass.

How AppDynamics helps improve IT applications

Choosing which application enhancements will best serve the most users can be a difficult decision for any development team. Now, many of those decisions are easier for my team because of the detailed information we get from the AppDynamics Application Performance Management solution.

Weird places I’ve worked

It’s 25 years ago and I’m in the midst of my original career, as a newspaper reporter. I live and work in northern Los Angeles County, and the region has recently been rocked by the Northridge Earthquake.

Seeing what’s really in your wiring closet

The office comms room (network distribution or server rooms) can often become an “out of sight, out of mind” storage closet for old equipment, file boxes, even bicycles and other personal items.

Media and Events

Beyond the Network with Cisco IT

One company. Countless stories. Discover the innovation, thought leadership, and everyday life of those in Cisco’s enterprise IT organization.

Cisco Live

Cisco IT shares our experience with our technology and provides demos of our latest innovations.

Data Center Day

This Cisco IT-hosted event informs customers on hot topics in the data center industry.