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Collaboration supports business goals

Collaboration solutions have transformed Cisco's business. Cisco IT deploys our solutions to help us improve business processes, speed decision-making, and boost productivity. With it, we can simplify communication, inspire innovation, and empower people to engage with each other anywhere on any device.

IT collaboration stories

Collaboration endpoints

Video, IP phones, web, mobile, and desktop clients bring people together. We use them to streamline communications and enhance the user experience.

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Conferencing and messaging

Video and web conferencing infrastructure enables employees to present, share, and collaborate in real time anywhere, on any device.

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Physical space design and collaboration technology converge. Virtual rooms bring dispersed teams together to speed decision making.

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Cisco Connected Workplace: More Productivity and Satisfaction, Less Office Space and CO2

The Marriage of Webex Teams and Microsoft Office 365: Our Vision and Strategy

Cisco IT’s Collaboration strategy is to mirror the Webex Teams approach to building bridges between team collaboration and other solutions for a continuous workflow. 

Webex Teams + Office 365 + Implementation Part 1: Rollout and Change Management

Our goals for change management are to create excitement, educate and inform, and drive adoption. 

Cisco Connected Workplace: You May Now Move Freely About the Office

If you fell asleep in a ’90s data center and woke up in a modern one, you’d know instantly. But if you dozed off in your office and woke up 25 years later, it’s possible you’d be none the wiser until you confronted the espresso machine. 

How Cisco Communicates Around the World

Video plays a key role in how our Cisco employees communicate around the world, especially when most of what we communicate is not in the words alone.