Create a threat-centric security strategy

As the severity and complexity of cyber threats grow, a pervasive, threat-centric security model is critical. Continuous protection before, during, and after attacks narrows the breach area and reduces business disruption. Deep visibility into threats across the entire network helps us keep Cisco's infrastructure, data, and users protected. 

Remote Work: Keeping It Secure - How Cisco scales our secure remote workforce

Every Cisco employee teleworks at least some of the time. So when the pandemic sent everyone home to work, we already had the technology, culture, and processes in place. The big changes were scaling our existing VPN and implementing split tunneling. This article explains our solution—a collaboration between Cisco IT and our Security and Trust Organization.

IT security stories

Network security

Better security means better business. We protect our users, data, and Cisco’s business with strong network-based security.

Email and web security

We protect against dynamic, rapidly changing threats that affect email today. And our web security options integrate easily into our data centers, network, and branch offices.

Policy and access

Dynamically controlling network access helps us proactively secure the network across all devices and users.

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GDPR versus flexible working & mobility

60% of Generation Y is nowadays preferring mobile for work and personal use, and the demand for working from anywhere at any time is growing. The work environment is changing into a more flexible model.

Customer Zero for Next-Generation Firewall 6.3

In Cisco IT’s role as Customer Zero, we have been partnering with the security business group to test-drive the new Firepower 6.3 software. Our ultimate goal is to help improve the code before it is released to our customers.

Six ways to stay secure on a budget

Malware has evolved dramatically in the past 20 years – from malicious script kiddies, corporate and nation-state espionage, to a multimillion dollar industry. But where to start when there are so many options and you’re on a tight budget?