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Business of IT

The number one IT Company

A lot goes into running a highly successful enterprise IT organization. No longer just looked upon to just “keep the lights on”, IT is now expected to drive innovation and guide the business on how technology is a true business enabler. Our real-world experiences demonstrate a closer partnership within the business, commitment to cultivate talent, and a focus on the technologies that will shape our future success.

business of IT stories

IT strategy and infrastructure

We use our technology to help us create new business processes and systems that increase productivity and competitive advantage, and improve the user experience.

IT architecture

Successful digital business starts with a solid, services-centric IT architecture. We use ours to bring IT and the business together to drive operational efficiency and business outcomes.

Women in Tech – Growing the Ranks

Three Cisco women in technology share their experiences & provide advice for other women in technology.

Meet the IT Experts

Find out the latest news on what's happening in Cisco IT. Read More

The Agility Quadrant

Can agility be delegated or outsourced? Or must it be cultivated by self and ingrained by leadership? Put your organization on the path to relentless improvement through continuous learning.

AI in Cisco IT Operations: finding golden needles in ever larger haystacks

Customers often ask us whether artificial intelligence (AI) will be the kind of game changer that analysts are predicting. From what I’m seeing, the answer is an unconditional yes.

When being first is too late

Cisco IT has for years prided itself on being the company’s first and best customer – using our own products early and sharing what we learn. What’s different about customer zero?

6 tips for success

Software localization is often an afterthought instead of being embedded into projects from the start. In 2017, we started a localization project for the software-fulfillment process in our Tokyo office.