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Event calendar

City, State Date Location   
Raleigh, NC March 3, 2020 Raleigh Convention Center Add to calendar
Virginia Beach, VA March 5, 2020 Virginia Beach Convention Center Add to calendar
Charlotte, NC March 12, 2020 The Westin Charlotte Add to calendar
Los Angeles, CA March 19, 2020 Westin Long Beach Add to calendar
Omaha, NE March 24, 2020 Embassy Suites  Add to calendar
Detroit, MI March 26, 2020 Diamond Center  Add to calendar
Seattle, WA April 1, 2020 Grand Hyatt Seattle Add to calendar
Pittsburgh, PA April 9, 2020 Doubletree Cranberry  Add to calendar
Houston, TX April 16, 2020 NRG Center Add to calendar
Cincinnati, OH April 29, 2020 Sharonville Convention Center  Add to calendar
Salt Lake City, UT May 6, 2020 Mountain American Expo Center Add to calendar
Tulsa, OK May 13, 2020 River Spirit Casino Add to calendar
Milwaukee, WI May 20, 2020 Wisconsin Center  Add to calendar

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