This document describes the Streaming Data Export API Requirements and Export Data Types.


Cisco DNA Spaces captures variety of data of users at location including user acquisition data, user visit data, Proximity rule match data, and so on. Streaming Data Export API can be customized to provide other data not beyond the standard data listed.

Streaming Data Export API is optimized to support easy ingestion into customers’ CRM / Big Data / Analytics / BI systems.

Exports are provided as flat files (CSV) that are uploaded directly into customer data center / cloud over SFTP. Optionally, this can be transferred over a VPN connection if the destination server is not accessible over public internet. The frequency of the upload can be customized to suit customer requirements and volume of data. This supports fully automated ingestion into customer systems.

Streaming Data Export API Requirements

The following details are required to setup streaming data export. Please provide the following details to support.

Table 1. API Requirements



Allowed Values

Data Type

Type of data to export. See below for details.

User Acquisition, User Visits, Custom, Engagements.


Single ASCII character that is used to separate fields in the output file

pipe character ( |), a comma (,), or a tab ( \t)


Header info of the fields present in the output file


Schedule of the streaming data export

Hourly, Daily and Weekly

Time Zone

Timezone to use for the schedule. The system will automatically adjust for daylight savings.

TimeZone name (ex UTC, US/Eastern)

Day of the week

For weekly schedule, the day of the week the data is uploaded

Sun, Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat

Hour of the day

For weekly and daily schedules, the hour of the day to upload the data

HH (00-23)


Compress CSV data using GZIP (recommended)



SFTP server address. Only username/password authentication is supported.

Domain name or IP

User Name

SFTP username


SFTP password


Path on the SFTP server to export data into

Filename Prefix

Optional prefix to prepend to generated file names. File names are generated in the following format

<prefix>_YYYY-MM-DD HH:00.csv[.gz]


Uploaded files are currently limited to 1GB per upload. Pick a schedule to ensure that the limit is not crossed.

Export Data Types

The export data types are the following:

User Acquisition

Log Timestamp, Local Date time, Time zone, Location path, Device Id, User Id, MAC Address, Mobile number, Opt-In, Email, First name, Last name, Gender, Age, Social Network, Social Network Profile URL, Social Network Picture, Device Name, Device OS, Device OS Version

User Visits

Log Timestamp, Local Date time, Time zone, Location path, Device Id, User Id, MAC Address, Visit Start Timestamp, Visit End Timestamp.


Log Timestamp, Local Date time, Time zone, Location Path, Device Id, User Id, MAC Address, Rule, Target, Type, Destination, Url, Message


Reach out to support to setup custom data export.