Tầm quan trọng của dịch vụ hỗ trợ mạng lưới

Tầm quan trọng của dịch vụ hỗ trợ mạng lưới

Optimum network performance is the result of a healthy network

Maintaining the health of your Cisco technology and products is fundamental to providing a high performance network environment that is secure and stable around the clock.

A reliable and cost effective network is vital to success in today's demanding business environment.

Brown Bear Car Wash - Case Study - Vod

Brown Bear Car Wash - Case Study - Vod.

See how this organisation improved their productivity and saved costs through improved network design and support.

Bell Canada - Case Study - Vod

Bell Canada - Case Study - Vod.

Advanced Services helped Bell Canada transform their organisation to achieve their business goals.

Mullaloo Beach Suites - Case Study - Vod

Mullaloo Beach Suites - Case Study - Vod.

Find out how a boutique hotel used Cisco's UC solution to improve their business.

Coldwater Vision - Case Study - Vod

Coldwater Vision - Case Study - Vod.

A small healthcare business improves productivity and profitability through leveraging support from their Cisco partner.

Bell Canada

This case study gives you a good foundation in how to build a data centre-class network infrastructure.
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Forrester Consulting - The total economic Impact of Cisco Network Optimisation Service

A handy overview which examines how virtualisation and your infrastructure interact for maximum resilience.
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