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Smart Manufacturing

Achieve end-to-end visibility with a fully connected smart factory.

I need to...

Explore Cisco smart manufacturing solutions.

Connect my factory

Reduce downtime, increase productivity, and maintain industry compliance.

  • Enable real-time decision making through fog computing.
  • Eliminate unplanned downtime through predictive maintenance.
  • Deploy wireless technology on the factory floor.

Secure my digital factory

Unify industrial security for IT and OT applications.

  • Securely connect machines, workflows, databases, and people.
  • Share intellectual property securely to help scale expert resources.
  • Adhere to regulatory requirements.

Connect my workers

Accelerate innovation across teams.

  • Get to market faster by accelerating innovation.
  • Streamline new product introduction (NPI) processes.
  • Enable remote maintenance to reduce downtime.

Cisco Manufacturing Portfolio Explorer

Use this interactive tool to explore manufacturing use cases and architectures.

Why Cisco?

When positioning your factory for the digital future, you need a comprehensive and trusted architecture.

Automotive manufacturer eliminates costly network downtime

"This has been a game changer for our business. We completely recouped our initial investment in just nine months and saved more than $1 million in the first year."

Ayako Wilson, Senior General Manager, AWNC

A new era of networking for manufacturing.

The Network. Intuitive.

Explore Cisco’s
intent-based networking

Imagine a network that offers visibility into production and inventory, creating context around everything that happens within the enterprise.

A network that understands business intent and dynamically safeguards new IoT initiatives while helping IT and operations teams collaborate.

It constantly monitors facilities, machines, and connected devices to identify and contain suspicious activity no matter where it hides.

That’s intent-based networking.

It’s constantly learning.

The new network works tirelessly to unlock data from machines, sensors, and the network itself, turning info into insights that maximize productivity, improve quality, and prevent downtime.

It’s constantly adapting.

An automated network helps you keep pace with customer and market needs, ensuring continuous high-performance IT and OT services and increasing agility while lowering operational costs.

It’s constantly protecting.

The new network is always searching for threats within your facilities and enterprise, even in encrypted traffic. Protect your IoT devices, production data, and intellectual property with an intelligent network.

Find out how ready your network
is for the digital era.

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The Network. Intuitive. Powered by Cisco DNA.

How digital ready is your network?
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News and Events

Come visit us at Cisco Live!

Visit our manufacturing booth for live demos, on-site experts, and engaging speaking sessions!

Unlock the Potential of Intent-based Networking

Cisco delivers the industry‚Äôs first integrated network architecture that extends intent-based networking capabilities to the IoT edge.

Cisco Manufacturing Workshops

Learn best practices and real-world applications on industrial wireless and network solutions, smart manufacturing, ICS and more.