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Advanced manufacturing operations

Connect machines and control systems with secure and standards-based industrial networks to improve operations, margins, quality, and safety.

Workforce enablement

Empower your workforce with innovative tools for faster problem solving and seamless collaboration.

Industrial security

Protect your industrial assets from cyber threats to ensure the continuity and safety of your manufacturing operations.

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OT security unified with networking—a winning combination

Cisco recognized for its integrated industrial security and networking architecture that not only helps avoid extra costs and complexity, but also offers better protection.

Simplify IT for industrial networks

See how Cisco's cloud-based IoT Operations Dashboard can be used to increase industrial asset visibility and securely manage assets from anywhere.

Sustainable manufacturing: More than just turning out the lights

Join our expert panel as they discuss how Cisco technologies can help enable you to embed sustainability into your manufacturing processes and give your business a competitive advantage.

Connect, automate, and operate anywhere

Join us to learn how Cisco's newest industrial wireless and IoT operation tools enable organizations to securely connect, automate, and operate anywhere at scale.

Secure network foundation for smart manufacturing operations

See how Cisco and Cisco partners help manufacturers build a secure networking foundation for smart factory operations.

Cisco and Schneider Electric work to secure digital industries

Discover how our new OT/IT Industrial Automation Reference Architecture enables a converged and secure digital transformation for your manufacturing operations.

Transforming manufacturing

The UWM Connected Systems Institute wouldn't be running today without Cisco. We're just deeply grateful for the contribution that Cisco made, because when you look at the way that the entire project was spec'd out, Cisco components were integral to the design of the project.

Jennifer Abele, Senior Executive Director of Strategic Partnerships, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee