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Industrial IoT solutions for Digital Manufacturing

The digital factory, ready for business

Secure & Proven Network for Industry 4.0

Cisco IoT provides a secure and reliable network foundation for the success of Industry 4.0

Factory Networking

Connect your digital factory with the industrial networking leader.

Industrial Security

Safeguard & protect your operations with end-to-end security.

Edge Computing

Drive industrial insights from the edge to your applications.

Visibility and Control

Gain real-time visibility to maximize productivity.

I want to explore…

Networking My Factory

Integrate and operate the increasing number of devices on your network with flexibility and visibility.

Securing My Factory

Protect your intellectual property and secure your factory with a multi-domain architecture.

Computing at the Edge

Secure data delivery to create business insights and improve productivity.

Having Visibility and Control

Gain transparency to maximize your industrial network equipment.

Cisco helps connect factories at Coca-Cola

Coca-Cola uses Cisco networking capabilities to connect disparate plant production hardware and systems.

Connect your digital factory

Cisco’s comprehensive portfolio works in any environment, features built-in security and offers a powerful ecosystem of partners to enable industrial IoT at scale.

News and events

Intent-based Networking to IoT Edge

IDC’s take on the Cisco IoT launch of new industrial switches and router.

Daimler Trucks

Connected assembly: a better way to build trucks.

Industrial Automation Solution

Learn about Cisco Validated Design (CVD) solutions for industrial business operations, see the digitized production environments in action.