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IT and OT convergence: Mitigating the risks of today and driving sustainability for tomorrow

The risk of business disruption is always present. But recent events—namely the global health and the geopolitical crisis in Europe - have led to a renewed and intensified focus on business resilience for organizations across the globe. Business leaders now recognize that the unexpected can happen and should be planned for accordingly. The longer a business is unable to operate normally, the greater the risk for financial loss. In this session our panel of industry leaders will discuss best practices to mitigating those risks. Risks ranging from supply chain operations, to loss of critical staff or even cybersecurity threats. Having a clear strategy around digital transformation and sustainability, can help you mitigate those risks now as well as prepare you for the future. 


  • Emily Crawford, Vice President, GES Americas, Central, Cisco


  • Johannes zu Eltz, VP Global Market Access, Rockwell Automation
  • Friedrich Richter, SVP, Strategy Industrial Automation and Segments, Schneider Electric
  • Joe Bastone, Director Product Management, Honeywell Experion® PKS, Honeywell
  • Jose Marques, Industry Executive, Manufacturing Practice, Hitachi Vantara

Digitisation in manufacturing: How to create a win-win situation for IT and OT

Powerful insights drive better experiences, helping to keep people safe, protecting assets, and improving operations. To stay resilient and thrive, manufacturers must evolve from reactive threat management to a more proactive and adaptable function ready to meet new security challenges. With real-time insights, smart cameras and sensors do more than just physical security. They provide key data and analytics about the physical world that enable manufacturers to thrive. We'll show you how you can improve building security and employee safety, while creating impactful experiences using advanced analytics.


  • Jared Oswald, EMEA Product Sales Lead, Cisco Meraki

  • Christoph Krell, Sales Director DACH, Cisco Meraki

How to make Industrie 4.0 easier

Industrie 4.0 relies upon converged Industrial Networks (IN) to access to data and return optimizations. Deploying IN requires skills and expertise not found in operational teams. Software-defined networks (SDN) has changed how Enterprise networks are managed. SDNs have reduced the effort to monitor networks, decreased downtime by providing a curated view of critical events and suggestions to resolve them.  SDN enables automation by using APIs and open standards to simply and consistently perform network management. SDN will have an even greater impact in industrial networks where skills and resources are more rare.


  • Paul Didier, IOT solutions architect, Cisco

Bridge the gap: A holistic strategy for digital transformation to achieve sustainable manufacturing

Session details coming soon.


  • Sean Caragata, Director, Industrial and Critical Infrastructure Industries​, Cisco

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