Design Zone Industry Solutions

Find design guides for industry-specific systems and architectures.

Industry Solution Design Guide Description
Education Community College Reference Design Learn to design systems that help students and teachers connect and enhance campus life.
Education Notifi-ED Solution to improve communications between teachers, on and off campus staff, data systems, and parents.
Education Service Ready Architecture for Schools Architecture to allow schools to create 21st century learning environments to prepare the workforce of the future.
Education Physical Safety for Schools A safety and security solution designed to accommodate education environments.
Financial Services Financial Branch Rapidly deploy reliable and efficient financial services in branch offices.
Government Smart Business Architecture for Government Get step-by-step guidance to design and deploy a network, with tested, validated solutions.
Government Unified Communications for Government Unified communications solutions for government.
Manufacturing CPwE and Connected Factory Solution to assist manufacturers seeking to integrate or upgrade their Industrial Automation and Control System (IACS) networks to standard Ethernet and IP networking technologies.
Manufacturing Connected Factory - PROFINET Solution for PROFINET based industrial environments, to integrate Cisco Industrial Ethernet switches into the automation network.
Retail IBM Websphere Portal Solution to optimize the delivery and application of IBM Websphere portal application as part of Lean Retail Architecture.
Retail Oracle E-business Suite 11i Architecture for image-based deposit environment in retail.
Retail Oracle Store Inventory Management Solution to increase visibility and efficiently manage store inventory anywhere, on any device.
Retail PCI Solution to protect your inventory, customer information, and brand assets aligning with credit card transactions.
Retail Resilient Point of Sale Solution to help customers quickly check out yet provide flexibility for store operations.
Retail SAP ERP Solution to optimize the delivery and application of SAP ERP application as part of Lean Retail Architecture.
Retail Store Workforce Connection Solution to provide employee ability to time punch and access information anywhere and any place it is needed.
Retail Store Employee Dashboard Solution to integrate store's data and voice capabilities and present to employees in an easy-to-use, single dashboard view.