Six Reasons Why Manufacturers Love Cisco

Our secure automated platform can improve equipment effectiveness and productivity and reduce downtime.

1. Industrial automation is tricky

Securely connecting machines, data, and people on the plant floor is challenging. Cisco industrial solutions securely connect everything—enabling factory mobility and better real-time decisions.

2. Security must be ironclad

Shield all your distributed operations—from plant sensors to automation equipment to cloud tools. More visibility and control of suspicious traffic, policy violations, and corrupt devices.

3. IT and OT need to be united

Connect your IT and global manufacturing operations for maximum business impact, and scale your digital transformation while streamlining operations and reducing costs and downtime. 

4. Agility is king in factories

Downtime is not an option. Choose agile and resilient solutions to help ensure that operations and supply chains stay up and producing under normal conditions as well as times of crisis and disruption.

5. Solutions must scale with impact

Partial solutions aren’t solutions, they are headaches. Cisco’s industry use cases are built for scale-up, partner ecosystems, and services to enable digital transformation with end-to-end impact at scale.

6. Converge IT-OT partners

It takes digital talent to transform a factory. Customers plug into a huge and highly qualified converge IT-OT partner ecosystem—one that serves as a guide through digital transformation journeys.

Maximize production and profit with Cisco

Upgrade your network for what is now, and what is next, in manufacturing.