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Our smart-grid and network solutions help enable security, resilience, and operational efficiency.

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Modernize the grid


Our digitization solutions empower utilities to thrive today, to monetize the grid, and to ensure agility for tomorrow.

Improve security

Reduce risk

Improve network, industrial, and IoT security. And do it while increasing safety, operational excellence, and compliance.

Utility innovations

The smart grid, smart meters, and data connect your assets, fleets, and consumers and add value through new services.

See our utilities solutions for...

Substation automation

Substation automation

Transform the grid with multiapplication networks for protection, remote diagnostics, and maintenance.

Substation security

Substation security

Manage access and control systems, meet regulations, and improve cybersecurity and incident response.

Field Area Network

Field Area Network

Control quality of service, distribution and workforce automation, street lighting, and more.

Distribution automation

Distribution automation

Reduce costs with intelligent, reliable distribution across the grid to substations and meters.

Utility WAN

Utility WAN

Deploy next-generation MPLS teleprotection and SCADA converged IP communications networks.

Mobile workforce

Mobile workforce

Improve worker productivity and the customer experience with our router, mobility, and wireless innovations.

Digital utilities front-runners

BC Hydro goes digital and connects its smart grid

BC Hydro goes digital and connects its smart grid

"With Smart Grid, we are now starting to experience the benefits of a digital infrastructure. Much more data is available, and with Cisco’s new network and analytics solutions, we are able to efficiently collect and gain insight from the data."

Sol Lancashire, Senior Telecom Architect at BC Hydro

Romanian utility future-proofs infrastructure

Romanian utility digitizes infrastructure

SDEE Muntenia Nord has modernized and added software and services for remote automation and increased distribution control. The utility has real-time visibility to the business for quick response to what is happening in the field.

Security for digital utilities

Utilities industrial security

Utilities industrial security

Manage risk by leveraging the network, data, and IoT. Protect operations and defend proactively end-to-end. (Video – 8:08 min)

Water utility security

Security success

National Water protects critical infrastructure to securely serve millions of citizens. (PDF – 562 KB)

Cisco Security video

Cisco Security Portfolio in 5 Minutes

See more, protect better, and respond faster across infrastructure and secure operations. How secure are you?


Create a long-term utility strategy. Improve safety. Converge multiple proprietary systems into a single, secure, flexible, and scalable IP network. Accelerate utility solutions deployment.

Utilities telecom digitization

Utilities telecom for the digitization era

Prepare your critical-infrastructure network for the future, and support new services like teleprotection, SCADA, and more.

Stay ahead

News and events

LoRaWAN 2.0

Introducing LoRaWAN 2.0

Extend Industrial IoT with battery-powered asset connectivity into the utility WAN.

Utilities at Cisco Live

Utilities at Cisco Live 2017

Our utility solutions and other IT superheroes lit up Las Vegas. See what’s new in electricity, water, power, and more.

Window to the future

Window to the future

15,000 global leaders in the smart utility community are convening with Cisco to transform and secure the grid.