Cisco Smart Water

Shaping empowered communities of the future

Water is the ultimate systems challenge. Climate change and rapid urbanization present great uncertainties.

From evolving technologies to secure data management to resilient ecosystem development, Cisco delivers trusted solutions for smart water initiatives.

Why now? The water landscape is changing


80% of all worldwide wastewater returns to the environment untreated.


At the current rate, there will be a 40% gap between global water supply and demand by 2030.


20% of cybersecurity incidents will stem from smart city IoT devices.


90% of global natural disasters are water-related.

Smart water solutions

Advanced metering infrastructure (AMI)

Better mitigate loss and theft to conserve water and increase customer satisfaction.

Condition-based monitoring

Securely automate and integrate your water and wastewater systems for proactive maintenance and extended asset life.

Flood monitoring

Improve risk management and emergency response to protect public health and safety.

Water quality monitoring

Assess data trends and identify emerging problems to build control programs that assure water ecosystem health.

SCADA system modernization

Develop IoT-readiness and system capacity and efficiencies to secure critical infrastructure and build resiliency.

The network as an investment

Our Cisco network is an important new chapter of our magical city and for our future.

Fernando Manuel Tinta Ferreira, Mayor, Caldas da Rainha, Portugal