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Cisco DNA Center

A better way to control your network

Cisco DNA Center is the network management and command center for Cisco DNA, your intent-based network for the enterprise.

Provision and configure all your network devices in minutes. Use advanced artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) to proactively monitor, troubleshoot, and optimize your network. Integrate with third-party systems for improved operational processes.​


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A renewed focus on business resilience

Our world is facing an acceleration in the frequency, diversity, and impact of disruptions. Planning your network to help your organization respond to the unexpected is now more important than ever.

Features and benefits

Cisco DNA Center is a powerful network controller and management dashboard that can help you take charge of your network, optimize your Cisco investment, and lower your IT spending.


Translate business intent into zero-trust network policies. Identify all endpoints and optimize user experience based on business requirements.


Automate deployment and management of network devices and integration of security solutions, to promote consistency across configurations, reduce errors, and save time.


Analytics and AI/ML combined with Cisco best practices help to optimize your network's performance, reduce troubleshooting time, and lower the cost of network operations.


Discover rogue devices and configuration inconsistencies through extended integrations with Cisco ISE, Stealthwatch, Umbrella, and third-party NAC/NAS.

How Cisco DNA Center works

The Cisco DNA Center controller activates features and capabilities on your network devices using Cisco DNA software. Everything is managed from the Cisco DNA Center dashboard.


Unlock innovation with Cisco DNA software

A Cisco DNA software license is required for each router, switch, and wireless access point.
Licenses are available in three tiers, each with its own set of features.


  • Basic automation
  • Network visibility


  • Lifecycle image management
  • AI/ML analytics and assurance


  • Encrypted Traffic Analytics
  • Multidomain policy segmentation

New Cisco DNA Center software release

Now make your network faster, more secure, and more usable. Identify endpoints and visualize traffic flows to define access policies, give users more control, and get ready to tap the power of Wi-Fi 6.

Cisco DNA automation​

Automate software image management and device onboarding. Integrate Cisco security applications and advisories.

Cisco DNA Assurance

Receive AI/ML network performance insights, and use guided issue remediation. Spend less time on mundane troubleshooting tasks.

Cisco SD-Access

Get a single network fabric, from the edge to the cloud, using policy-based automation for users, devices, and things.

Cisco DNA Center security integrations

Streamline and optimize the deployment of security solutions with Cisco’s network automation.

See how Cisco DNA Center simplifies network management

See how you can easily manage IP addresses across globally distributed sites and integrate with third-party infrastructure services.

Enjoy an easy way to deploy and test your network sensors. 

See how to download, deploy, and update device software images automatically.

Use Cisco DNA Center to understand your clients, monitor their health, and troubleshoot their issues​.

Cisco DNA Assurance helps you identify issues across your network and find the types of devices that are having problems. ​

See how you can eliminate manual errors, reduce complexity and simplify standard network changes across sites.

Do-it-yourself assurance demos

Gain hands-on experience with analytics and assurance capabilities.

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Accelerate your success with services from Cisco Customer Experience

Confidently move to a secure, automated, intent-based network with expert guidance, proven experience, best practices, and innovative tools.

Enable these 5 use cases with Cisco DNA Center solutions

Learn the ways Cisco DNA Center helps you automate services for faster workflows, gain visibility for easier troubleshooting, and provide policy-driven security for the campus network.

Network device onboarding

Implement new network services at the speed of business.

Campus software image management

Roll out software patches and address security vulnerabilities automatically.

Campus network assurance

Improve network availability, reliability, and performance.

Campus network segmentation

Automatically segment users, devices, and things to maintain security posture.

Scalable access policy

Automatically recognize and apply policy quickly throughout the organization.



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