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Cisco Solution for LoRaWAN

Connect the unconnected

Get long-distance wireless connectivity for battery-powered IoT devices. Cisco's LoRaWAN-compliant solution connects IoT endpoints across cities or rural areas, at low cost. Low power consumption allows  battery life up to several years without being replaced. Cisco LoRaWAN is available as a standalone, or as an integral part of Cisco Industrial Asset Vision Solution, which improves business resiliency, safety, and efficiencies by monitoring equipment, people, and facilities.

What you gain with our LoRaWAN solution


Comply with LoRa Alliance specifications and their long-term evolution.

Global market coverage

Operate on global unlicensed radio bands so that you can reach endpoints and users everywhere.

Total customer adoption

Apply our solution whether your organization is a service provider, a public-sector agency, or an enterprise.


Stand out with our total solution, which includes a carrier-grade outdoor gateway with geolocation capability and zero-touch provisioning.

How you can use our LoRaWAN solution

Smart city management

Connect city assets to provide better services, including waste management, parking, street lighting, and public safety.

Asset tracking

Obtain location information for people and assets, including devices, vehicles, pets, and cattle. Take asset tracking to the next level with Cisco Industrial Asset Vision.  

Gas and water metering

Remotely read and control gas and water meters, lowering utilities operating costs. 

What's inside Cisco Solution for LoRaWAN

Wireless Gateway for LoRaWAN

This carrier-grade, ruggedized outdoor gateway provides LoRa radio access and includes 16 uplink channels.

IoT Field Network Director

Manage your Wireless Gateway for LoRaWAN. Field Network Director is a full-function system that offers zero-touch provisioning, management, and maintainance.

LoRaWAN network server

Our partner's proven management platform focuses on the LoRa radio controller and end device.