IC3000 Industrial Compute Gateway

Edge computing makes decision making faster with the right data at the right time

The Cisco IC3000 Industrial Compute gateway extends the data intelligence to the edge of the IoT network, and seamlessly bridges the intent-based networking and IoT data fabric in a complete end-to-end solution for applications such as intelligent roadways, and smart factories.


With the Cisco IC3000 Industrial Compute Gateway, you can:

  • Simplify deployment. Rapidly deploy thousands of edge computing gateways using a simple user interface.
  • Manage at scale. Extract, compute, and move data from devices to diverse applications. Reduce OpEx with remote diagnostics.
  • Enhance security. Protect your IoT stack with multilayered security and policies for data ownership, policy, and privacy.

Accelerate decisions with edge computing

Unlock more value from your IoT data. Capture the precise information you need from diverse distributed edge devices like traffic cameras, industrial robots, and oil and gas pipelines.

The Cisco IC3000 gateway for edge computing enables faster decisions at the point of action. It helps you increase network efficiency by sending only relevant data to endpoint applications.

To optimize operations, Cisco IoT Field Network Director enables zero-touch deployment and management of your compute gateways and edge applications at scale.

Cisco IC3000 Industrial Compute Gateway

Dedicated gateway for edge computing, preinstalled with the Cisco IoT Field Network Director to easily manage gateways, and Cisco Kinetic software to extract data from diverse sensors, enable edge computing, and move data to the right applications at the right time.

Optimizing traffic management

Cisco IC3000 solution accelerates insights with secure, real-time computing on edge devices.

Increasing manufacturing productivity

Extract and compute relevant edge data, and move it to cloud applications to get machines back online faster.

Increasing safety for oil & gas pipelines

Seamlessly manage gateways at scale and possibly push software updates for rapid response.


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