Cisco Kinetic

Unlock the power of your IoT data

Cisco Kinetic helps you extract, compute, and move data from connected things to applications, and drive better business outcomes.

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Address IoT challenges with a new approach

While many companies have made initial forays into IoT, there have been many challenges in translating their efforts into real results. Data has remained locked inside its source. There has been no programmatic way to move the right data to the right applications at the right time. And, there’s been no way to control data privacy, data security, and data ownership.

Cisco Kinetic is a new class of platform – and IoT data fabric – designed precisely to address these challenges. It will:

  • Extract data from its sources and makes it usable.
  • Compute data to transform it, apply rules to data in motion, and reliably deliver it to realize business outcomes.
  • Move data programmatically to get the right data to the right applications at the right time – including multicloud, multiparty, multilocation – executing policies to enforce data ownership, privacy, and security.

Connect, automate, and scale

The data produced by your things is a high-value asset that can drive business outcomes—if you can make full use of it.

Cisco Kinetic makes it easy to connect IoT gateways and devices to the network -- then extract, normalize, and securely deliver data from those devices across participants of an ecosystem. The platform plays a vital role in enforcing the policies defined by data owners, delivering select data to the private cloud, public cloud, or other endpoints that you choose.

Cisco security technologies are integrated across the platform. Engage the protection you need for every aspect of your IoT deployment, from end to end.

Let us show you how Cisco Kinetic can help you successfully bring your Internet of Things (IoT) initiative to market and start driving real results. 

Announcing Kinetic for Cities

The Smart+Connected Digital Platform is now Cisco Kinetic for Cities. It’s a new name but the same platform that delivers a set of tools and guidelines for creating a smart city framework. Click below to read the blog outlining all of the details.

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