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Connect, automate, and scale with Cisco Kinetic

Get business value from your IoT data and meet challenges in IoT environments where devices and applications are highly distributed. Count on the Cisco Kinetic to help securely connect your devices. Add compute power anywhere in the network, from edge to cloud. And selectively move data to applications to drive better business outcomes.

Cisco Kinetic architecture: how it works

Cisco Kinetic includes two modules that work together to help you securely connect devices, and then extract, compute and move your IoT data.

Edge and Fog Processing Module (EFM)

Compute data in distributed nodes. Make critical decisions near the point of action, and make the most efficient use of network resources.

Data Control Module (DCM)

Move the right data from diverse connected devices to the right cloud-based applications, at the right time, according to policy set by the data owner.

Cisco IoT

Improve business outcomes with our end-to-end IoT portfolio.  Securely connect assets, applications, and data in real-time to apply transformative business changes in both carpeted and non-carpeted spaces.