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Connect, automate, and scale with Cisco Kinetic

 Get business value from your IoT data, and meet challenges in IoT environments where devices and applications are highly distributed. Count on the Kinetic platform to help securely connect your devices. Add compute power anywhere in the network, from edge to cloud. And selectively move data to applications to drive better business outcomes.

Extract data

Extract IoT data from all the things connected to your IoT network. Normalize the data to make it usable for your applications.

Compute data

Compute data on edge and fog nodes in your distributed network. Apply rules to data in motion for fast decisions and data reduction.

Move data

Move your data programmatically to multiple locations where apps reside. Enforce policies around data ownership, privacy, and security.

How Kinetic can help drive better business outcomes

Cisco Kinetic for any industry

Apply the power of Kinetic in any business where you need to connect IoT devices securely and at scale. Use data to drive operational efficiency, grow revenue, and improve the customer experience.

Cisco Kinetic for Manufacturing

Leverage IoT data from the edge to the cloud with automated, secure data interactions to improve yield, lower energy costs, perform predictive maintenance, and more.

Cisco Kinetic for Oil and Gas

Improve production, reduce costs, and increase worker safety with our connected refinery solutions.

Cisco Kinetic for Transportation

Optimize fleet operations and reduce service costs. Get real-time visibility for road conditions and preventative maintenance capabilities for connected cars, roadways, and transit systems.

Cisco Kinetic for Retail

Lower per-site costs by thousands every year. Use IoT data to manage energy costs, fine-tune merchandising and inventory planning, and empower employees with operational insights.

Cisco Kinetic for Cities

From a single pane of glass, view and manage data from the lighting, parking, traffic, waste management, and Wi-Fi deployments around your city.

Cisco Kinetic architecture: how it works

The Kinetic platform includes three modules that work together to help you securely connect devices, and then extract, compute, and move your IoT data.

Gateway Management Module (GMM)

Provision IoT gateways at scale with a highly secure, low-touch workflow. View and control your gateways from a cloud-based dashboard.

Edge and Fog Processing Module (EFM)

Compute data in distributed nodes. Make critical decisions near the point of action, and make the most efficient use of network resources.

Data Control Module (DCM)

Move the right data from diverse connected devices to the right cloud-based applications, at the right time, according to policy set by the data owner.

Add video as an IoT sensor

Connected Safety and Security (CSS) brings intelligent video analytics to IoT. Our end-to-end solution delivers video surveillance, access control, and other sensor integration, and it scales to meet your growing business needs. CSS's operational intelligence identifies, responds to, and helps prevent future security threats and shortens response times.