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IoT Digital Utilities

Increase profitability, reduce interruptions and integrate distributed energy resources.

Increase profitability

Our solution helps you reduce asset maintenance cost and optimize voltage while improving meter accuracy truck rolls and reducing line loss.

Reduce interruptions

With predictive maintenance, you can reduce outage durations and improve assets monitoring, all with a secure reliable network.

Integrate DER (distributed energy resources)

Increase reliability with dynamic distributed energy resources to maximize efficiency.

Connected Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Networks

Cisco IoT solutions provide secure, reliable, and scalable solutions to connect your EV charging networks. Our solutions help you increase EV network uptime, improve customer experience, and enable additional services.

BC Hydro succeeds with Cisco IoT

Canadian utility BC Hydro uses Cisco IoT solutions for power outage detection and restoration.

Connect your digital IoT utilities

Cisco's comprehensive portfolio works in any environment, features built-in security and offers a powerful ecosystem of partners to enable industrial IoT at scale.

Cisco Utilities Solutions

OpEx reduction



Distributed Energy Resource (DER)

Mobile Workforce

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