IoT Network Connectivity

Canada Utility Improves Operations

British Columbia Hydro uses the Internet of Things to boost efficiency and protection.

Canada Utility Improves Operations

The Internet of Things (IoT) is placing new demands on network infrastructure. IoT applications require high-speed connections, an extremely low latency response, and integrated security. Organizations also need a flexible and scalable wired and wireless network infrastructure. This helps to easily deploy IoT applications, from the cloud to the network edge with fog computing.

Cisco IoT System network connectivity is designed to meet the new network demands of the IoT. It also responds to the challenges of industrial settings, such as manufacturing, oil and gas, utilities, transportation, mining, the public sector, and others.

Cisco IoT System network connectivity offers:

Resilience at Scale

Cisco IoT network connectivity blends reliability with simplicity. It helps organizations quickly scale to meet the expansive networking needs of the IoT without sacrificing the availability of their existing infrastructure.

Integrated Security

The Cisco network-as-a-sensor approach integrates cybersecurity throughout the network, increasing visibility and control.


Cisco IoT network connectivity supports IT and operational technology (OT) standards and protocol. This helps enterprises converge IT and OT networks to more easily connect existing and new IoT applications.

Better Secure Your Business

Increase security and compliance with the Cisco IoT System.

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