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Sports & Entertainment

Captivating crowds with digital experiences.

Market leadership matters

Start your digital transformation of live sports experiences today. Our experts have helped stadium owners, leagues, teams, and global event organizers solve real business problems. We can show you how to reap the benefits of delivering more connected, immersive, and mobile event-day experiences. We’ve worked with:

350+ stadiums

in 40+ countries

engaging 100s of millions of fans

Stadiums go digital, and the crowd goes wild

At AEG, our mission is to create a truly immersive experience for our fans where they don’t think for a second they could have gotten this same experience at home.

David Jones, Senior Vice President of IT, AEG Europe

I need to...

Visually captivate fans

Keep fans at the center of the action with immersive video and digital content.

Engage fans digitally

Deliver compelling mobile experiences over a proven, high-density Wi-Fi network.

Make my venue ready for the future

Deploy a single, intelligent platform that grows with your business.

Digital fandom

Innovation starts with insights, and fans have told us what digital experiences they want. (PDF - 4 MB)

News and events

Learn what fans want, and how to use digitization to meet those demands.

Give them what they're asking for

The results are clear. Fans want more convenience, content, and customization.

(PDF - 8 MB)

Connected concert experience

Cisco is connecting Live Nation tours.