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Pushing the boundaries of technology and healthcare.

Streamline COVID-19 vaccination

Expand patient access

Efficiently manage patient calls, scheduling, and follow-up for vaccination administration.

Connecting remote facilities

Bring network connectivity to temporary vaccine administration sites.

Ensure Secure Access

Safeguard storage areas, ensure cybersecurity, and implement environmental monitoring.

Reimagine your healthcare workforce and workplace

Achieve clinical resiliency

Provide a safer work environment for clinicians and a trusted experience for patients.

Secure remote workforce

Prepare for the future with digital front door, virtual care, and secure remote work.   

Trusted workplace

Create a future where providers collaborate to drive efficiencies and support safety.

Solutions for healthcare providers

Expand care access

Expand access for patients with telehealth, virtual triage, and mobile connectivity.

Data-driven care delivery

Securely connect clinicians to enable accurate and efficient care--anywhere in the hospital.  

Security, privacy, and compliance

Address cybersecurity, medical devices, patient privacy, and regulatory requirements.

Transform facilities

Inform facility management with connected systems and endpoints. 

Business continuity

Drive business continuity and clinical resiliency in your healthcare organization. 


Use the HIMSS Analytics Infrastructure Adoption Model (INFRAM) to assess and map the technology capabilities required to reach your clinical and operational goals--and to meet international benchmarks and standards.

Solutions for telehealth

Empower remote consultations, administrative collaboration, and telehealth.

Latest news

Webinar: Business Continuity

Hear how Cisco Meraki is helping healthcare organizations be more resilient and deliver transformative patient care experiences in this upcoming HIMSS security panel. 

Healthcare Now

Our blog series addresses healthcare innovation around the world and how to maintain business continuity in today’s health climate. 

Flexible payment options

Adopt Cisco healthcare solutions to drive business and clinical continuity with low interest rates and no upfront costs. Address short-term cash flow and liquidity concerns with predictable payments.

Country digital acceleration and healthcare

Cisco's Country Digital Acceleration program extends the reach and impact of healthcare services worldwide. From telehealth to AI -enabled care, we are working to improve quality of care and expand resources.