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Streamline Telehealth and Collaboration

Today, patient expectations are driving healthcare organizations to adopt digitally enabled, on-demand, and seamlessly-connected interactions.

Reimagine the healthcare workplace

Achieve clinical resiliency

A safe environment for clinicians and a trusted experience for patients.

Secure a remote workforce

Prepare for the future with digital front door, virtual care, and secure remote work.

Create a trusted workplace

A future where providers collaborate to drive efficiencies and support safety.

Telehealth in the everyday

Virtual care and collaboration make a difference on both sides of the screen. See how technology can impact the lives of patients and providers. 

Customer stories

See connection and collaboration in healthcare

University of Maryland Medical System

Connected 28,000 employees across 13 hospitals and 5,000 homes.

Keeping doctors and patients connected with telemedicine. (1:57)

Collaboration solutions and capabilities

Telehealth and virtual care

Care at a distance with secure voice and video technology and strong encryption to meet stringent security requirements.

Digital front door

Deliver proactive patient engagement and care team collaboration across any communication channel and throughout the patient journey, including patient intake, virtual triage, and chronic care coordination.

Administrative and clinical collaboration

Boost productivity and manage business and clinical continuity. Collaborate across departments or campuses remotely, securely, and with confidence.

Webex Instant Connect for virtual care

A simple to way to connect healthcare providers and patients for telehealth consultations; scheduled directly and managed from within the Electronic Medical Record portal.

HIMSS looks at healthcare tech investment

Health systems move forward, while still meeting the demands of COVID-19. HIMSS provides insights on healthcare tech investment for now - and the future.