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Telehealth and collaboration

Empower remote consultations, administrative collaboration, and telehealth.

Reimagine your healthcare workforce and workplace

Transition to secure telehealth

Serve more patients virtually and provide a trusted workplace for your clinicians. 

Secure remote workforce

Provide secure, flexible remote access to empower your healthcare staff to work from home.

Triage patients remotely

Expand your contact center to the home to optimize remote work and safely triage patients.

Capabilities and solutions

Telehealth and virtual visits

Virtual visits provide care at a distance through secure voice and video technology which improves patient access to care and clinician productivity.

Patient access and outreach

Improve patient and clinician communication, including scheduling, virtual triage and care coordination, across any communication channel outside the hospital or clinic.

Administrative collaboration and remote worker

Boost productivity across your organization and mange business and clinical continuity during crisis with collaboration across departments and secure remote work.

End-to-end security

Strong encryption to meet the most stringent security requirements.

Cisco Webex Telehealth Connector

The Webex Telehealth Connector allows healthcare staff and patients to connect via simple, easy-to-use video telehealth consultations, scheduled directly from their Epic EMR portal.